Thursday, April 23, 2015

#hcsboe Using our tax dollars to baffle us with BullPoop with our tax dollars, one news story at a time

: Al.Com just can't get enough coverage.  Will somebody help hold McCaulley up?  Looks like she is about to topple over.   Also looks like the David Driscoll Group Christmas Card Photo. Keep smiling, at least the special investigator will have a group photo to go by.  

EYE see our taxpayer funded Political Strategist is hard at work with a full, scale, media , offensive, trying to convince the public a pile of Poop is really a Rose. Sniff Sniff   EYE can't believe they have the nerve to use the Civil Rights struggle to justify this mess.  Strike that, yes EYE can.  The only thing missing is hearing from the "other side",  but EYE guess that would be too much like right.   Pun intended.
 So here's the deal, The Chamber's Board of Directors, Warynski, and the BOE wants Unitary Status in theory but not in practice.  They want to be able to say they don't have a dual school system while they maintain and operate a dual school system.  I wonder what part of Unitary don't they understand?
Hey!  Look at that bright and shiny object over there....

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