Thursday, April 9, 2015

Update: Santana | Luggage & Baggage: Toward Our Better Days

Exclusive: Extended interview with witness to SC shooting

You saw the cold blooded murder. You've seen it before. What is the difference between selling a loose cigarettes and having a broken tail light? The end was the same.

Will our dreams come true
I believe in you
Show me the way to my better days
What's the price to pay
If I follow you

Feiden Santana is a hero, in fear.

Everybody sooner or later has to drop the luggage and the baggage of illusions.

Feiden Santana dropped his baggage of illusions. He has paid the price. May all his dreams come true.

Note:  Ramsey Ortega, who filmed the Eric Garner Video, is in prison and refusing to eat.  He is another "hero, in fear."~ RedEye


#WalterScott: We Must Protect Witness Feidin Santana

Walter Scott was not the only one-North Charleston Police have stunning record of abuse.

U.S. Supreme Court largely is responsible for the environment that led cop to fatally shoot Walter Scott 


Anonymous said...

Very sad and tragic event! The officer got what anyone else would get and that is being charged with murder! He should also get the death penalty and get it quickly!!!

He is one of a few that have committed murder! I hope officers do not continue to get painted with the broad brush after this incident!!

Redeye said...

Chip: Thank you for posting this. I am waiting on the Righty's and the media to start destroying Mr. Santana in 5-4-3-2....wait for it. You know it's coming. "He is a hero living in fear."

Upset Resident, we will stop painting police officers with a "broad brush' when you and yours stop painting African Americans with a "broad brush". Deal or no deal?

Anonymous said...
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Redeye said...

"American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900"

~Chip :) said...

You're welcome, RedEye, though of course I wish the event that made posting this never happened.

Redeye said...

"March was a very good month for killer cops: they racked up at least 111 bodies, the majority of them unarmed Black and brown men."

unclebabychirp said...

How can we protect Mr. Santana? If you read the history of the people who exposed truth to power via video, it's scary. Maybe someone can start a go-fund-me page for him so he can disappear on his own terms after the media stops protecting him by keeping him in the news. Once the cameras stop, I fear for him.

~Chip :) said...

You are correct, unclebabychirp. But, he can't disappear before the trial because he is a material witness. He knows what is up, and I imagine he is making plans now to go to someplace like the US Virgin Islands.

Redeye said...

How can we protect everyone who exposes truth to power? Hard to imagine we have turned from the land of the free and the home of the brave, into the land of the fearful, and the home of needing the media (of all people) to protect us.

~Chip :) said...

Let me know when you have the answer to how to protect everyone who exposes truth to power, RedEye.

I could use that information.

unclebabychirp said...

Hi There Chip & Redeye, Just trying to look out for him and encourage others to do the same when they witness injustice and abuse of power. I am aware that he is a material witness & has a bit of a language barrier that doesn't bode well in a trial meaning he can easily be tripped up by a good attorney especially since he has been so forthcoming in doing interviews. It's almost a shame we're normalizing relations with Cuba as that would have been an option. As an environmentalist, I cringe at what we're going to do to the most pristine island in the Americas once big $$$ & golf courses etc arrive.
That being said, only money can buy relative freedom in his circumstances. Interestingly, the go-fund-me domain denied former officer Slager a funding page for his criminal defense. However another indie, gogo has taken up his cause.

unclebabychirp said...

Unintentionally sad/funny but true "the land of the fearful, the home of needing the media (of all people) to protect us"?
If enough people are informed and involved, there is some safety in numbers.
"Last Week Tonite" (John Oliver) did a great interview with Edward Snowden kind of guiding us as to how to keep people informed using "dick-pics" as a vehicle for privacy (hope that term doesn't violated terms of use) because average people need sensation/sex/blood to get/keep their attention and personalize it.
The media is just that, media infotainment, no more news, unless you look diligently and can craft a human/personal twist to it.
If you're informed, you must not look away and must stay persistent, otherwise you are complicit in the extinction of what rights we have left.
Kinda shocked they haven't taken Mr. Santana's character.....yet, although the usual suspects are trying.
If I figure out how to protect all those who speak truth to power, I will share, liberally (of course). In the meantime, I support our heroes best I can and am glad you do too.