Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Plantation Mentality 101: #Black youth stands up to the oppressor, Slave mother shows out for white supremacy #BaltimoreUprising

Meet Toya Graham "The Baltimore Mother of the Year" praised for beating her child like a slave on national TV

The 13th Commandment:  Happy are those who get others to do their dirty work.   So, the media has anointed Toya Graham, a single mother of 6, whom they would normally call a welfare queen, but I digress,  as the epitome of black motherhood because she gave her son a public smack down on national TV because she didn't want him to become another #FreddieGray, so she became the Baltimore Police department.
"He gave me eye contact. And at that point, you know, not even thinking about cameras or anything like that. That's my only son and at the end of the day I don't want him to be a Freddie Gray," Toya Graham said, referencing the 25-year-old man who died after mysteriously sustaining severe spinal injuries in police custody earlier in the month. His death has sparked protests throughout the city, with tensions boiling over Monday.
What cannot be ignored is Toya Graham's statement about locking eyes with her son then losing it: “He gave me eye contact...And at that point, you know, not even thinking about cameras or anything like that.” That's why Freddie Graham was killed. The police lost it after Freddi Gray made eye contact with the Baltimore Police remember?  
 Remember the reason Gray was pursued in the first place? According to Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez, “A lieutenant begins pursuing Mr. Gray after making eye contact with two individuals, one of which is Mr. Gray.” After making eye contact….
So if Toya Graham is the #BlackMotherofTheYear, what is Adrian Peterson?  Remember him?   Remember how the media and the ‪#‎NFL‬ reacted to him 'disciplining" his son? Remember his reasoning was that it was done to him and he was trying to teach his son respect for authority?

If Toya Graham is the #BlackMotherOfTheYear for giving her son a public smack down, does that make Ray Rice the #BlackHusbandOfTheYear?  Remember him?  Remember how the media and the NFL reacted to him decking his wife on camera?

And we aren't going to even talk about Michael Vick, who was convicted because Cousin Pookie Nem were running a dog fighting operation with his  money.

Let us not forget the reason this young man was protesting, not to be confused with rioting,  is because ‪#‎FreddieGray‬'s was arrested for making eye contact with the police, his neck was snapped, his spine severed, he lapse into a coma, and died a week later. So no, I am not celebrating the single mother of six who beat her son like a slave on national TV.  IMHO she is no different than Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, or the ‪‎Baltimore PD‬. This is nothing more than a public beat down by proxy as the media looks on with glee.  
 Probable cause from a Baltimore police officer has always been a tenuous thing. It’s a tenuous thing anywhere, but in Baltimore, in these high crime, heavily policed areas, it was even worse. When I came on, there were jokes about, “You know what probable cause is on Edmondson Avenue? You roll by in your radio car and the guy looks at you for two seconds too long.” Probable cause was whatever you thought you could safely lie about when you got into district court.

Toya Graham is so not the Black Mother of the Year
 It’s incredibly easy to offer simplistic solutions like “I wish more parents were like the Mom in Yellow”.  The complex issues that affect the African American community aren’t so easily answered. Those issues will continue to plague Baltimore and America forever. No amount of “beating them before the cops do” is going to change the color of black people’s skin.
Freddie Grays mother is the Black Mother of the year.

Trayvon Martin's Mother is the Black Mother of the Year. 

Rekia Boyd's mother if the Black Mother of the Year.  

Micheal Brown's mother is the Black Mother of the Year

Sean Bell's mother is the Black Mother of the Year

John Crawfords mother is the Black Mother of the Year.

Walter Scott's mother is the Black Mother of the Year of the year.

Miriam Cary's mother is the Black Mother of the Year.

Tamir Rice's mother is the Black Mother of the Year.

And the list goes on and on......  

Instead of handing out Black Mom of the Year awards, the media should be doing some investigative reporting and go inside the headlines ,but I guess that would be too much like right.



Margherite said...

I lived in Baltimore in 1968, and I remember well the terror of soldiers marching through the neighborhood "protecting" us white folks from looting and arson that was taking place miles away.

In at least one way it's worse now. Since then the police of all races have had a lot of practice calling teenagers with no place to go except the corners "toads" (not "hoppers" as they cleaned it up in the TV series The Wire). They called women like the one who chastised her son, endlessly looped on CNN, "toad mothers". I remember one righteous rant by Police Commissioner Tilghman (who was the Major in the Western District when he spoke out) admonishing his command to stop the namecalling. He was generally ignored or mocked behind his back. Tokenism being what it is, he was promoted and effectively silenced.

High schoolers today have seen 2 generations of adults trying to make positive changes against overwhelming economic odds, thousands of derelict buildings in their neighborhoods, and abusive systems of "justice" attempting to keep it all under control. Hormones rising, and concurrent lack of judgment led to a mob where anything can happen.

FYI, I have posted comments like this on social media, and the digital silence is deafening. My granddaughter, who lives in an all-white neighborhood miles from North and Pennsylvania, posted last night that National Guard troops are "protecting" a drugstore in her neighborhood. CNN is not covering the bullshit at all.

Redeye said...

CNN and the other cable "news" outlets are a big part of the problem. Any media that dares report the facts is called liberal, like that's a bad thing, so they bend over backwards to adopt the Faux meme of being fair and balanced. Facts are not fair and balanced. It's either the truth or it's a lie. Instead of reporting facts, they would RATHER report a false narrative, designed to suit their partisan, political bias. This is also why diversity, or in this case, the lack of diversity in the media is shocking and awful. Thanks for your thoughtful response, for reading, commenting, and most of all caring.