Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Updated~ You get who/what you vote for. The misinformed and the uniformed "win" again

EYE HOPE you are happy now.

EYE have to give credit where credit is due, low information voters will turn out and vote.  EYE wish someone would figure out a way to suppress their vote.  Thanks to their willful ignorance we can't even vote them out.  Strike that ,we can vote them out if white democrats/progressives ,or whatever they want to call themselves these days, would get off their Donkey's and VOTE.

That said, Democrats must have someone to get off their Donkey's to vote FOR.  In some cases republicans are running unopposed. What does that tell you about the sorry state of affairs when the party that is anti minority, anti choice/women, anti labor, anti public education, anti LBGT, pro war, and debt as far as they can see has a full slate of proud candidates, and the party that is supposed to be for the little guys and gals have none?  What is wrong with this picture when democrats are ashamed/afraid to be called liberal/progressive, and bend over backwards to be conservative?

It used to be the job of the media to inform the public so we could make informed decisions.  Now it's the job of the media to misinform the uniformed, which enabled the gerrymandering, voter suppression, and dark money, creating this situation where we can't even vote them out of office.

EYE sure do miss the good old days when the the candidate with the most votes won instead of the candidate with the most money to use the public airways to keep misinformed uninformed.

Let America Be America Again.

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