Friday, November 20, 2015

A RedEYE Hope You Are Happy Rant #47DemCowards

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EYE hope all of you so called democrats who just couldn't bring your self to vote for Ron Sparks for Governor because he will happily kow-tow to them,  and who hate Joe Reed more than they love themselves are happy now.

EYE hope all you so called democrats who told us real democrats to STFU and STFD when we tried to tell you Artur Davis and Terri Sewell were frauds are happy now.

EYE hope all  of you so called democrats/moderates/Independents/progressives, or what ever you want to call yourselves who didn't vote because your candidate lost are happy now.

EYE hope all you democrats etc. who spent more time fighting each other instead of fighting the republicans are happy now.

Don't blame me. EYE voted a straight democratic ticket.  But EYE won't be making that mistake again.  EYE will not vote for any DINO's (Democrats in name only).  

You are either for the democratic party agenda.  All of it.  Or, you are against the democratic party agenda. 

Rant Over and Out.  For now.

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~Chip :) said...

♥ this....

Obama To Trump: ‘Perhaps Ignorant Racists Should Wear Special ID Badges Too’:

President Obama’s epic response may just be his best yet, “@realdonaldtrump Perhaps ignorant racists should wear special ID badges too. I’ll have one made up for you.”