Wednesday, November 16, 2016

EYE am going to leave this right here... It's #TheMedia #Stupid

DEAR CNN & MSNBC : The Blood is on the Hands of your Political Directors and Anchors.

We have no one to blame but the white male dominated media for enabling this unholy mess.  EYE HOPE they are happy.

Political Directors, CNN's David Chalian and MSNBC's Chuck Todd, along with many hosts and Anchors BEAR THE RESPONSIBILITY of a President Trump. Responsibility for the damage to race relations, the damage to women and families, the damage to Mother Earth due to the advancement of dirty energy and quashing of clean energy corrective measures is yours. Responsibility for the thousands of American men that will DIE in foreign oil wars as a result of the oil and weapons industries dictating policy to the Republican led government is yours. The responsibility for the many thousands of unnecessary gun deaths here in the United States due to the gun lobby and their control over Congress now, etc. is yours. Congratulations again.

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