Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Welcome to the Confederate States of America #Election2016

Election 2016: Can We Find Hope In A Hopeless World?
Well, the red, republican, confederate, slave states finally won the Civil War last night. EYE said it once, and EYE will say it again, the red republican slave states have way too much power.  I'm not sure how this Make America White, EYE mean, Great again is supposed to work but EYE am sure we will find out.  Cue in Dixie

This is white-lash plain and simple enabled by the white male dominated media.  Exit polls show white evangelical capitalist neocolonial racist misogynist anti-Semitic bigoted Christian nationalists, men, and women showed up and showed out for Trump  on election day.  But here is the scary part, Trump received 61% of the military vote compared to Clinton's 34%. What color is the Terror Alert?

EYE have to give The Trumpster credit for giving his people what they want.  He knew he could rely on the segment of society who want to take our country back to before.  Nothing gets white people to the polls like good old race baiting. It's shame democrats were too busy infighting to do the same. 

Speaking of democrats, and I use that term lightly, they are going to have to take their fair share of blame for losing the war and dissolving the union.  " Their “rejection must be complete and blame must be laid squarely at their feet” for raising those chickens that have come home to roost."

You get who/what you vote for.

RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer to go weep for our country.

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