Friday, November 11, 2016

EYE know the white wing media expects us to get over it and move on, but that's not going to happen because we love our country too much to let it fall into the hands of audacious bigots, racist, and Bully's #NotMyPresident

TRUMP SUPPORTERS BEFORE THE ELECTION: "If Donald Trump doesn't win, we will start a revolution."

TRUMP SUPPORTERS AFTER THE ELECTION: "How dare all these people protest the election. They should just accept the results of the election and move on."

Attention, everyone including the white male dominated media and democratic establishment cowards,  we don't owe Donald Trump anything.  As a matter of fact, he owes us his tax returns and his medical records.  We will not let the Union be destroyed.  We will protest.  We will stand up and fight.  We will Make America Great Again.

For real.

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