Thursday, November 10, 2016

RedEyes Post Election Rundown

EYE don't have time to compose a post today but here are some blogs for you to read to find out what's really happening in Amerikkka post-White  folks electing a certified bigot as President of the United States of Ameria.
The third reason Trump won is America is filled with racists.
I don’t care if you don’t want to hear it. It’s true.
Since the election of President Obama in 2008, the growth of race-based hate groups has exploded. The hateful rhetoric surrounding racial discussions is at an all-time high, and much of that is due to the very purposeful division of this country by conservative groups.
They have spent the last eight years convincing many of those stupid white people I mentioned above that Obama was plotting to steal their hard earned money and turn it over to the black people so they can buy spinning rims and lobster with food stamps. Through Fox News, dozens of fake-news websites and hundreds of conservative talking heads on radio, they have spread a message of fear and anger to a group of people who took the bait and swallowed it.
EYE still believe in a place called HOPE and EYE HOPE democrats and like minded republicans have the courage to do the right thing for once.
For diehard Democrats holding out hope that they won’t have to live through a Donald Trump presidency, there is a last, incredibly long shot for them latch onto — a surprise twist in the Electoral College.
Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 200,000, Trump has won the minimum of 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected president. As of late Wednesday, he had 290 to Clinton’s 228.
According to the Constitution, chosen electors of the Electoral College are the real people who will vote for president, when they meet on Dec. 19 in their respective state capitals.
However, there is nothing stopping any of the electors from refusing to support the candidate to whom they were bound or abstaining from voting.
There’s even a name for it: becoming a “faithless elector.”
If there is a silver lining in this fiasco it's that Trump has brought us all together, black, white, red, yellow, brown, men, women, young, old, Jews and Gentiles, rich, poor, gay straight with the common bond Trump is #NotMyPresident the pictorial, which you won't see reported in the mainstream U.S. media because it doesn't fit their false narrative that the system worked.

The Tumpocalypse is afraid.  Very afraid.

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