Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Playing Catch Up Blog Stroll

I'm back! Once again my real life and my blogging life collide with my real life winning the battle for my undivided attention, as it should be.  Thank you to those who continue to read even when I don't post.  It never ceases to amaze and humble me that you continue to read, and what you read, when I'm away from my keyboard.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.

Back to life, back to reality?  I'm going to admit being bummed out and burned out last week.  Between the Supreme Court abdicating their obligation to administer justice in the Don Siegelman case, and Scott Walker winning the Wisconsin  recall (am I the only one who a smells a rat here?  Nope.), it was like real democrats couldn't buy a break.  Then it hit me...democrats can't buy a break because we can't afford to buy a break.  Thanks to this Supreme Court we have the best democracy the corporations can buy.  Gone are the days when we could look to the Supreme Court to rectify injustice and administer liberty and justice for all.  Gone are the days of fair and free elections.  I sure do miss the good old days...when all we had to worry about was who was getting nekid in the White House.  Sigh
But the American right — whose roots are found in Jeffersonian libertarianism and the Jacksonian alliance of small southern farmers and northern white workers — is moving further right, and pulling the Republican Party with it. It’s fueled by economic fears combined with racism, anti-immigrant nativism, and southern white evangelical Christians.
All I'm going to say is if President Obama doesn't get re-elected it will be his own damn fault.  I don't know what part of you can't compromise with people who hate you because of the color of your skin and your party he doesn't understand.  Really I don't.  Blacks voters are going to do our part, as we don't have a choice,  not so sure about white democrats.  Can't say I blame them.  Really I can't.

Schools out for the Summer, but the WARdynski on public education continues, aided and enabled by the private corporations.  Thank goodness for those who ripple the water despite the risk and the threats.  Thank goodness for those who gear up and fight for the children who are our future, despite the prevailing view that black/brown/poor children can't, or don't want to learn, just because they are black/brown and poor.

Mayberry RFD Auburn Alabama Style!  Yeee Hawww!  Acting on a tip from two sources who informed them accused killer Desmonte Phillips was hold up in the attic of a private residence in Montgomery, AL,  the Auburn and Montgomery Police Departments, Alabama State Troopers, ABI and the FBI, armed with guns, tear gas,helicopters, night vision goggles, amplified microphones, thermal imaging, and dogs destroyed the wrong home.   Not the wrong home in that he was in another home... Ooops!

Compare and Contrast Desmonte Phillips and George Zimmerman.  Thanks to the resident righty at Left in Alabama I see I'm not the only one wondering if Desmonte Phillips was Standing his Ground.  Check this out..after hoping law enforcement didn't hurt themselves, I mean get hurt during the raid, radio boy post a tweet from George Talbot of the Mobile Press Register  of an alleged on the scene report from the night the Auburn shootings took place.  You can read the whole thing for yourself, and I agree with radio boy, it seems pretty accurate, but this is what jumped out at me and made me go hmmmmm....

My friend and I were able to get up pretty close. Saw one of the bodies. He’s lying on his back, kinda sprawled out. They had a white sheet over him. He’d bled through it. I guess he was shot in his chest.Later on, forensics walked up to the body and lifted the sheet. Saw the guys face. As I said above, it was clearly Ed Christian.

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