Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update~Today in media enabled republican hypocrisy

Breaking News-the all white, TeaPublican controlled,  House Oversight Committee voted to Stop and Frisk Attorney General Eric Holder.  The TeaPublican controlled House of Representatives will vote next week, so we can expect the same outcome, despite the fact President Obama has exerted Executive Privilege on the grounds to release the documents would have significant damaging, consequences, and it grants the Attorney General immunity from prosecution.

I say release the documents and let the TeaPublicans be responsible for the significant, damaging, consequences. And since the TeaPublicans are so gung ho about investing stuff that happened under the Bush administration all of sudden, let's investigate 9/11 and the U.S. Attorney Purge.

The media is spinning the Obama promised transparency meme, so let's have some transparency and let the chips fall where they may.

TeaPublicans are hypocrites, the media thinks we are stupid, and democrats need to nut up and call them out, or, bend over and take their gang banging like Girlie Men.

The gop infused, media enabled, TeaPublican controlled Congress is considering voting to hold Attorney General Eric Holder  in contempt of Congress because they are scared of their Batsh#t crazy base.  Want proof they are scared of their base?  The  the Attorney General is willing to turn over the documents they have requested, but then the media wouldn't have a wall to wall scandal involving President Obama to breathlessly report about during an election year.  Weapon of mass distraction from the real reason  the TeaPublican controlled Congress has contempt for Eric Holder.

 I have to give the republicans credit, unlike democrats, they don't threaten, they do it.  The media must think we have forgotten about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and  White Counsel and Supreme Court nominee Harriet Meir's.  This isn't about Fast and Furious, this is a media enabled weapon of mass distraction from the real issue.

The real reason the TeaPublicans want to repeal ObamaCare as they call it, is because gasp  blacks and Latinos  will benefit is the law is upheld.     What else would make people vote against their self interest?

The Voter ID laws and Voter Purges aren't about voter fraud.  You know how I know?  Because we didn't hear a mumbling word about Voter ID, or Voter Purge during the republican Presidential Primary.  TeaPublicans don't want everybody to vote.  Can you say weapon of mass distraction from the real issue?

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