Thursday, June 21, 2012

The "Fast and Furious" legal lynching of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder

We knew it was coming because this is who they are, and what they do, to discredit their opposition for partisan and political gain in an election year.  I'm just surprised it took them so long.  After all, they've been plotting every since President Obama's half African Donkey was elected, on orders from the De Facto leader of the gop, to make sure he failed.  I wonder what part of if President Obama fails, the country fails don't they understand?  Isn't it anti American to plot to make sure the duly elected leader fails?  I remember when Bu$h and Dick were pushing us to war in Iraq anyone who dared question why were accused of being anti American or worse.  But I digress.

The republicans have reached the point of no return in regard to Eric Holder.  I say stop hiding behind Executive Privilege , push them off the cliff,  release the information they are demanding, and let the chips fall where they may.  

There are 5 things you need to know about the legal lynching of Eric Holder you won't hear in the mainstream media.
1.  Issa has no case.
2.  Reagan's justice department agreed with Eric Holder.
3.  Law Enforcement rejects Issa's Witch Hunt.
4.  Even Top republicans think Issa has gone too far.
5.  Issa is fixated on a conspiracy theory.

This is a Fast and Furious media enabled, weapon of mass distraction from the real issue.

This is a "Fast and Furious" legal lynching in an attempt to keep blacks and Hispanics from breaking for Obama again.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

 Focus, Liberals, Focus.

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