Friday, December 28, 2012

RedEye's Week in Review

I just realized this will be my last Week in Review for for the year 2012.  Time flies when you are having fun!  I do enjoy blogging, and I will be eternally grateful to the Big Cats at Left in Alabama for encouraging me to become a blogger, and for giving me a platform at Left in Alabama.  Unfortunately my posting privileges were snatched away because of the content of my comments and other post  or  something.  In any event, I continue to  respectfully request to be reinstated as a contributor, but to no avail.  Oh well, maybe next year Santa will grant my Christmas wish.

Revenge of the Republicans!   That's what I call the so called fiscal cliff crisis.  The fanatics in the GOP are determined to exact spending cuts from the middle class and keep the tax cuts for the rich, despite being roundly rejected at the polls on election day.  This is payback to all those who dared vote for President Obama because he was giving  out free stuff, like unemployment benefits, agriculture, the military,  law enforcement, disabled veterans, access to quality affordable health care, college aide, and weather forecasting.   Here's the problem, in an attempt to hurt Obama voters, republicans will be hurting their base, and I don't mean the 1%, I mean the 47%. Can you say bite off your nose to spite your face?

Proving they have a short attention span, the media turned it's attention away from the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and to some extent the gun control debate.  I guess petitions to have Talking TeeVee Pundit Heads deported/arrested for embarrassing the NRA will do that.  We also have to  worry about reactionary lawmakers making laws that trample our civil liberties and enrich the gun dealers.  BTW, did the you know the NRA was inspired by the Black Panthers?

Meanwhile, under the radar, The Senate just passed the FISA Amendments Act Authorization Act of 2012 The more things change, the more they remain the same.  Sigh. 

Etu Cancer Treatment Centers of America?  Is nothing sacred?  SMH

20 days to sign the petition for President Obama to begin to restore honor and integrity to the Justice Department.



yellowdog said...

Happy New Year, Redeye!

If you went back to LiA I suppose I would follow you back there. You disperse a cacophony of voices much more liberal and Democratic and progressive than the strictly moderated, toe-the-moderate line at LiA. They stridently supported Artur Davis-nothing left to say.

We are the majority!

Even though we have rural redneck reps in the US House, Democratic representatives won a 1,000,000 more votes. The republicant's still rely on country-bumpkin racism, stupidity and super-majority rules to have any say in our government.

Redeye, I believe voices like yours chip away at the stupidity and ignorance, and change the world one person at a time.

I don't want to argue with the "Alabama Left" like we used to. We may not agree on every issue, but we can agree the conservative, right-wing republican't version is never an option, unless actual facts are in their argument and they acknowledge truth doesn't have a balanced argument against it.

Keep up the good works!

Redeye said...

To say thank you for continued support and encouragement seem so inadequate Yellowdog. You get it, and you get me. Wishing you and yours health and happiness in the coming year and beyond.

I don't expect you to understand why I want to "go back to Left in Alabama", but know this, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere", and I honestly feel as if I were treated unfairly by the administrators of Left in Alabama, whom I thought were my friends and whom I thought considered me an equal.

I don't want to argue with the "Alabama left", but if we don't, who will? Who wins if we don't argue with them? Not us Libtards that's fer sure! :)

Tolerant people can agree to disagree with out being disagreeable. That's my motto and I'm sticking by it!