Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Right to Bear Arms "Race" creates an economic stimulus for some

 anti obama gun shop

"Try to get them while we can still get them".

President Obama's call for sensible gun control in wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre created an economic stimulus for gun/ammo dealers and manufactures, as buyers rushed to cling to their $1000.00 assault rifles, magazines that hold more than 30 rounds, and compact firearms
Given President Obama's emotional comments involving the slayings at the elementary school in Connecticut, David predicted 30-round magazines will soon be rare "like Cuban cigars."
"Say they limit (magazines) to 10 and you want to kill 30 people, you bring three," interjected another man at the front of the line, saying no ban would create security. That man, who identified himself only as Don, was buying ammunition for his .357. But he said the sudden sales rush is about mistrust.
"I'm not scared somebody is going to break into my house," he said. "It's fear of the federal government."
Let's flip the script....what if large numbers of African Americans joined the NRA and started purchasing assault rifles because they were in fear of the federal government?  I mean, if anyone has reason to fear the federal government it's black folks.  But I digress.  Do you think there would be a call for some sensible gun control , or an out right ban?

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