Monday, December 24, 2012

Tis the Season for Justice and Mercy in Alabama

 There is no absence of malice in Bama, especially if you are a liberal, a  democrat, or an African American.

Up with Chris Hayes shares the stories of former Alabama Governor, and present political prisoner, Don Siegelman, and the saga of  non violent, first time drug offender, Clarence Aaron's, two men  President Obama has the power to grant justice, and to show mercy.

Will President Obama listen?

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yellowdog said...

republican't hypocrisy will give you whiplash!

With the Siegelman conviction and the "casino bribe" trials, the republican'ts are trying to tell us contributing to Democrats is now a bribe. We hear more and more right-wingers echoing restricting voting for those who receive federal funding for unemployment, food, "welfare," social security, whatever.

You know, the 47% Obama pays off and will never vote for Romney!

Even as republican'ts support unlimited undisclosed unattributed campaign contributions from billionaires who get tax breaks amounting to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars if their candidate wins. Corporate contributions supporting candidates who promise to deregulate, lower wages and costs to employers, eliminate benefits, cut taxes more and ultimately put us all in debt becoming wage slaves and indentured servants serving the elite class.

President Obama should pardon Governor Siegelman and explain the nature of this corruption.

Wake up, America!

Redeye said...

"President Obama should pardon Governor Siegelman and explain the nature of this corruption."

I think you just explained why Governor Siegelman may not get a pardon...because then they would have to have explain the nature of this corruption......