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"Rhetoric in abundance" at Second Amendment rally in gun free zone

Second Amendment Rally at VBC
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I was going to attend the so called 2nd amendment rally   at the Von Braun Civic Center until I found out no guns were allowed and I couldn't take my AR-15 and my hundred round ammo clip.  What good is a rally to learn about the right to bare arms if you can't bare arms?  What if I had to stand my ground? RedEye Roll

What was billed as a 2nd amendment rally hosted by the South Huntsville Civic (sic) Association, was in reality, an organized day of resistance for those fighting President Obama's 23 executive orders to stop gun violence.  According to about 1700 people fell for the Okey Doke,  led by the usual suspects.
Speakers included Congressman Mo (anything short of shooting them) Brooks of the Fifth Congressional District; Sen. Arthur(racist policies) Orr, R-Decatur; Sen. Bill (rape is a slippery slope)Holtzclaw, R-Madison; Sen. Clay(trans vaginal probe) Scofield, R-Guntersville; Sen. Paul(whistle blower) Sanford, R-Huntsville; Chris Stephens, chief deputy for the Madison County Sheriff's Department; Trevor Santos, the state liaison for the National Rifle Association; and Greg Hopkins, a Second Amendment attorney.
Too bad Congresswoman Gabby Giffords wasn't speaking to constituents in a gun free zone.  Instead of speaking to voters about real issues, Mo, who was against the Sequester before he was for the Sequester,  was safely on stage calling President Obama the radical leftist in the White House (code for Socialist, Marxist) instead of  doing the job he was elected to do.
"It is our duty as American citizens to resist and stop President Obama's efforts," Brooks said.
He asked the crowd: "Are you going to fight to protect our Second Amendment right to bear arms and our Constitution?" Audience members yelled back and Brooks asked again, and then a third time, more loudly, adding, "I want President Obama to hear you in the White House"!
As wrong  as the out right lies and the blatant disrespectful tone of Mo's comments were,  the revelations made by Madison County Chief Deputy Chris Stephens are what I find the most troubling.
Stephens was asked how many new applications for concealed carry permits the Madison County Sheriff's Department is receiving.
"We're up 400 new applicants per week," he said. The process takes about four weeks to complete, which he said is largely due to staff cutbacks.
Stephens also was asked whether the Sheriff's Department will have the right to confiscate weapons if a gun ban is passed.
He quoted Sheriff Blake Dorning as saying, "If the federal government wants your guns, they can come get them. It won't be us," which resulted in cheers and an ovation. Stephens later explained that local sheriff's offices have no authority to enforce federal law.
 Who knew?  IF, I repeat IF the federal government "wants your guns" the Sheriffs department is ready, willing and able to stand in the school house door, I mean defy the federal government.  Am I the only one concerned those who are supposed to enforce the law are picking and choosing what laws they will/not enforce?  Does that mean they are can also choose who they are/not going to protect and serve?  I'm just asking...

Let's flip the script, what if this were the headline ~Several Democratic  lawmakers, a liberal talk-show host and representatives of the NAACP are scheduled to appear today at a Second Amendment rally at the Von Braun Center.

What do you want to bet we would have some sensible gun control legislation quick, fast and in a hurry?

What WhiteDog 51 said; 

Gathering yesterday appeared to serve purpose it was intended to accomplish. Inflamed rhetoric, anecdotal evidence of danger vanquished by guns, attention seekers center stage with adoring worshipers in attendance. Not many minds changed on any subject. Attendees can visit church today and pray for condemnation of everyone who doesn't share their opinions.
Amen and Amen.

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