Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pandering to the gun crowd is so not cool


What The Field Negro said all the damn way!

I don't like the imagery, O. Pandering to the gun nut crowd is not cool. A picture of you at Hadiya Pendelton's funeral would have been more like what I wanted to see. That, and a stirring eulogy along with a call for all of us in the black community to start taking responsibility for our children. You should be working overtime from the bully pulpit on that issue, but instead you are trying to prove to wingnuts that you actually shoot skeets every now and then. *scratching my very bald head*

Skeet shooting and bowling? Man the things you do to make some folks love you

Psst President Obama!  Who ever advised you to release a picture of you shooting a gun to pander to the Skeeters needs to see how it feels to be among the unemployed and the under employed.

They don't like you.

They will never like you.
The gun control debate is not about how well, or even if Obama can shoot. It's about all the fools running around with weapons of war in an alleged civilized society. That's all it's ever been. Except when it turns racial, like now, when the focus is on Obama's “manliness” or when Black Panthers were legally carrying weapons in public, back in the day. Talk about about faces, the NRA nearly gave itself whiplash back peddling on guns in public when black men took to the streets peacefully inside their own neighborhoods. The panthers didn't kill anybody, but the government declared open season and killed them.
It's not about YOU.  It's not about THEM.  It's about our COUNTRY.   The sooner you and your staff remember that, we ALL will be better off.
What we are witnessing in America's cities is what one mayor has called "slow motion mass murder." The response from the federal government to address the daily death toll must be comprehensive and, most importantly, must be backed up with local law enforcement resources so that parents in cities like Chicago bury less of their children every year.
RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer to go pray for little Ethan and his family.

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