Thursday, February 21, 2013

None dare call it racist racism, but that is exactly what it IS

"Not every white person is racist, but the genius of racism is that you don’t have to participate to enjoy the spoils." The Nation

Somebody talk me down because I am FURIOUS at the 7 democRats who voted for Mary Sue McClurkin's evil, stupid, RACIST let poor black/brown women die bill.   Yes, I'm playing the "race card" that was dealt from the bottom of the race deck.

I expect republicans to do stuff like this, but it really burns me up when democrats go along with them. You rarely hear of republicans going against their base, also known as the people who elect them, voting with democrats on anything.   I have to hand it to the republican leadership, they run a tight ship, unlike the democratic mis leadership.

Not to be out done by Mississippi  who just recently ratified the 13th amendment, Alabama republicans, enabled by 7 democRATS, effectively stole the right of poor black/brown women, not to be confused with Alabama women who have the means, and access to health insurance,  to choose to have a safe legal abortion, condemning them and their children to a life of poverty and despair, if they are lucky enough to survive because the clinic that provided prenatal care was closed.  

Isn't it ironic republicans trust woman with a gun but they don't trust them with a choice?

As God is my witness I will never, I repeat never, vote for a candidate because they have a D behind their name again, or give another penny to the Alabama Democratic Party unless, and until, they purge the party of the infiltrators.

Today's Must Read
Why I am Pro Choice
When a woman is intent on ending a pregnancy to preserve the family that she already has, there is nothing that she won’t do.  My great-grandmother searched high and low for an abortifacient that would work and settled on a method, which is lost in the mists of time, that took her life. Her death left a hole in the family that could never be filled. My great-grandfather re-married twice. The woman who raised my grandmother and her siblings was a cold, emotionally distant woman who expected her grown children still at home to pay room and board before each eventually married. My great-grandfather was a strict disciplinarian who had trouble understanding the difference between necessary discipline and child abuse.
That is all.

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