Thursday, February 14, 2013

I have to give it to republicans, they have gonads of steele

Thanks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.NV), who we practically begged to stand up to the right wing  Bullies three weeks ago, Senate republicans put President Obama in his place and  filibustered former Senator Chuck Hagel's nomination as Secretary of Defense.
The time to go to the mattresses, to go to full out civil war in the senate is right now. Shut it down. Destroy the GOP. Go for their throat. Hold press conferences every day and call them out. Leak secrets about their conduct and their votes, destroy the illusion of collegiality. The time for what I commonly call a blood war is right now. (A blood war is a term from Steve Miller and Sharon Lee’s Sci Fi Series where one group fights to the extermination of the other)
It didn’t have to come to this. The GOP could have acted like they had some sense. But that was always a sort of grand dream. The GOP has Obama Mania. They are a dying party with dying ideas and they feel like taking the entire country down with them. They despise the President. You know why, I know why, everyone who is honest about it knows why.
Let me make several clear statements. There is no Benghazi scandal. It is a GOP conspiracy theory. The President isn’t nominating a sleeper agent to be Sec Def., no matter what Sen. Cruz implies. There is no precedent for undermining the tenure of a Sec Def. the way the GOP is attempting. There is no precedent for the GOP’s conduct in general.

 Unlike President Obama and democrats, republicans, enabled by the media, are not afraid to play hardball.
   If the Bush Mob were sending unmanned drones into places like Pakistan, targeting certain terrorists but killing a whole lot of innocent people in the process, would we really be taking this lying down? And don't forget that someday there may be (but probably won't be) another neocon neanderthal living in the White House who will abuse this drone technology to even more extreme ends. If that unfortunate turn-of-events ever transpires, we won't be in a position to self-righteously condemn anybody. In fact we will be exposed as hypocrites. Honestly, we really need to rethink this one, kids. It's high time for a serious reality check.

If only the democrats had the gonads to filibuster some of George W. Bush's cabinet nominations.


Mack Lyons said...

The democrats have been gentlemen about the whole thing for a long time. And that's the problem - for far too long, they've been complete gentlemen.

At some point, the hammer has to come down on the GOP, and it has to come down hard.

Redeye said...

Democrats care more about keeping their jobs than doing their jobs. There are more afraid of the GOP and the media than they are of the people who elected them. Ain't that a dip?
Anyhow, I am going to stop voting for democrats juat because they have a D behind their name. If they can't stand up and fight for the issues I care about and pander to the right wing Bullies at the exspense of their base ,Eff them....hard.