Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hump Day Hypocrisy Diary Trifecta Edition

There is so much hypocrisy going around I don't know where to start.  All I can say is the Talking TeeVee Pundit Heads must think We The People have amnesia, or, they think we are stupid enough to believe everything they tell us just because they keep saying it over and over on TeeVee. 

The TTPH's have the nerve to trot out some of the same ones who enabled Bush and Dick to take us to war based on DEAD WRONG INTELLIGENCE and NO EXIT STRATEGY,  telling us Syria is not like Iraq.

 Yeah right.

Republicans like to bomb people.  That's messed up.  House majority leader John Boehner backs President Obama when it comes to dropping bombs,  but when it comes to access quality affordable health care, public education, jobs, women's right, or sensible gun control legislation, not so much.

 How could Obama let himself be pushed into this catastrophe you ask?  IMHO, and mine only,  our President suffers from Bipartisan Syndrome,  he keeps reaching out to republicans, and they keep sawing his arm off.  What part of republicans do not like him, and will never like him doesn't he understand?  We F--king Retarded, and Professional Left tried to tell him, but did he listen to us Noooooooo.

 Speaking of The Left, Writing for the Huffington PostFrank Schaeffer says The Left and the Right Entirely Missed the Point of Obama deferring Syria to Congress.
 The pundits mostly are trying to figure out the president's tactics short term on the "next war" or "what this means politically." But Syria isn't the point. Politics isn't either. Our Constitution is. What they don't get is that irrespective of the outcome now in this case, President Obama has injected an old/new note of constitutional restraint into the American war making game that is revolutionary for our times.
It's a very big story that the media seems to be missing by concentrating on the short term situation, Syria, and politics. The real story here isn't Syria--it is presidential power. President Obama just put our country's good ahead of his power and handed a little of presidential power back to We The People. Thank you Mr. President.
Uh, I don't think we should be thanking Mr. President for handing a little bit of presidential power back to We The People just yet. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said she supported the president and sent a letter to fellow Democrats urging that they fall into line. But she conceded, “In my district, I don’t think people are convinced that military action is necessary.”

Booman keeps harping on it
She can feel the pulse of the progressive caucus, but she's supporting the president.
Did that last sentence make you cringe? Cause a little cognitive dissonance?
It should, because the progressive caucus, as opposed to the predominately white progressive blogosphere, has been the strongest supporter of the president. But progressives of all stripes are scratching their heads over the presentation of the evidence and the logic behind the strategy.
Nancy's right. Progressives need to see more.
I agree with the rude pundit
Across this America, city after city and state after state, the basics of daily life (and death) are being wrecked, in part, by our failure to spend on things that matter to Americans, things that actually would make this a great country. A nation that has a city that, even briefly, couldn't provide death or birth certificates because it didn't have paper is a nation that has absolutely no business spending millions, perhaps billions of dollars to bomb Syria just because the mad president there did something insane.
Fix America First because we still have a great distance to go.

Hump Day Must Read
Why I can  no longer just stay in my lane
I have not been speaking publicly about the relationship between drones abroad and the War on Drugs at home. I have not been talking about the connections between the corrupt capitalism that bails out Wall Street bankers, moves jobs overseas and forecloses on homes with zeal, all while private prisons yield high returns and expand operations into a new market: caging immigrants. I have not been connecting the dots between the NSA spying on millions of Americans, the labeling of mosques as “terrorist organizations” and the spy programs of the 1960s and ‘70s – specifically the FBI and COINTELPRO programs that placed civil rights advocates under constant surveillance, infiltrated civil rights organizations and assassinated racial justice leaders.
"For those of you who are tired of hearing about racism, imagine how much more tired we are constantly experiencing it." - Barbara Smith


yellowdog said...

Over 2 million Syrians displaced and over 100,000 dead. Here is our chance to stand with the people. Assad will destroy it all rather than lose. We need to "degrade" his assets to level the playing field. We warned him we would intercede if... Now, the great superpower of America must be a force for good. If we don't, then we will again be perceived as the villain.

I agree with President Obama that Assad must go, and he just gave us a good reason to make it so.

We have to change the feelings of the people of the Middle East to recognize we stand with the people, not the tyrants, and Obama has been doing this. And we haven't invaded anyone on his watch. But by God Obama has cleaned up a lot of messes that plagued America for decades. The Assad family is just one more mess to clean up.

Redeye said...

I don't agree with President Obama on this. That doesn't mean I don't support his Presidency. If Congress approves a military strike against Syria, although I'm against it, I will still respect him as the CIC, and stand in support of our military, the same way I did Bush. America First.