Monday, September 23, 2013

Biting off your nose to spite your face Bama style

Not only do liberal/democrats in Sweet Home Alabama have to fight the gop infused, media enabled, Teabaggers, we have to fight the so called Progressive/Grassroots/DemoCats too.   Sigh

Here's the latest:
This doesn't happen that often, campers!  The Alabama Democratic Party has scheduled its next meeting in Birmingham instead of Montgomery, so mark your calendars, ignore the football games, and show up to see the party leadership in action.Alabama Democratic Party
The time hasn't been set yet, but we'll let you know. These meetings usually begin around midday.  The meeting will be at the Wynfrey Hotel near the Galleria.
The scuttlebut before the meeting is that the interim chair Nancy Worley will ask the executive committee to open qualifying in October, which is several months earlier than the party usually does so.  If the committee agrees to do so, it could allow candiates to boost their public profiles before the primary and it would certainly help fill the party's depleted coffers with qualifying fees.
In any case, make plans to attend.  The Over The Mountain Democrats said it best in a recent email:
As a Democrat or a Progressive, with any interest in politics in general, and how your state's party operates and governs itself, in particular, you need to come to this meeting and see for yourself how party politics works at the Executive Committee level. 
Hope to see y'all there! 

Not content to have formed their own separate but unequal party  because they couldn't stand the leadership of the Alabama Democratic Party, the Democrat or Progressives (I wish they would make up their daggum minds) are planning to crash the Alabama Democratic Party meeting in Birmingham.

Reed had almost all of his troops present Saturday, and still only produced 90-95 votes on the typical issue. There is every chance that he can be outvoted if 200 or more members (including the Reed group) grace us with their presence, and engage in the slightest degree of organization and planning. Futility is no more valid an excuse for your absence than one of a dozen soccer games in your child’s season.
OK, so you stage a coup d'├ętat and get rid of Joe Reed and his Bunch and then what?
 Has Joe Reed, like a certain British monarch, tragically stayed too long in his post, to the detriment of the realm? That is a topic far beyond the scope of this blog post. I will tell both sides of that fight, that we cannot beat the Republicans without the votes Joe Reed and his supporters represent. Neither can we beat them if we cannot reach beyond those voters.
 What part of you the voters you want to reach beyond are not democrats today, will not be democrats tomorrow, and will not ever be democrats, don't you understand?

 A party divided will not and can not stand.  

While democrats, and I use the term loosely,  were distracted and wasting time forming an anti Joe Reed and his bunch organization the AL GOP is hard at work.

  You cannot curse Bubba and Cooter, Big Man, and June Bug in the daytime and beg them at night.~ Dr. Joe Reed 

 "When you talk about the law discriminating, the law granting a privilege here, and a right here and denying it there, that's a civil rights issue. And I can't take that away from anybody." - Rev. Joseph Lowery

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