Friday, August 1, 2014

"Is this the beating before the executution?"

Good luck, Mr. Speaker.

But I hope you are aware that you`re paying for
this time with the dignity of representative government in this free
society. How much of that are you willing to give away before facing the
inevitable reckoning between the party of Lincoln, which you`re a member
of, and the pack of jackals who`ve gotten into the tent?

 Moments ago, the United States
House of Representatives continued their assault on President Obama, taking
an historic vote to sue the president of the United States. The result was
not surprising. The House voted heavily along party lines, with 225
Republicans voting yes to sue, and 196 Democrats and five Republicans
voting no on a resolution to authorize a lawsuit again the president.
"Let me go to Congressman Brooks. Why would you vote to sue the president?"

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