Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Update~ Mo Brooks is right (pun intended) #waronwhites

No brainer

Mo Brooks (r. AL 05) is the Trent Lott (r. MS) of the republican party.  Like Lott, he said publicly what  some circles say privately.  Don't get it twisted, some (not to be confused with all)  aren't mad at what Mo said, they are  mad because he said on the radio and on TeeVee.  Rule 101 of James Crow Esq. is don't reveal your identity or your strategy.  If you hate blacks/women/Hispanics/LBGT, pretend you love them, that way you can be more effective  in thwarting their success or advancement, i.e. justice system, school system, housing system, banking system, employment system, and last but not least the social system.
"I want the American people to start recognizing what the heck's going on," Brooks said. "When the Democrats bring up race time after time after time, what's the theme? It's skin color. Who are they saying who dislikes whom? They're saying the whites dislike the blacks, the whites dislike the Hispanics and the Democrats are the ones who will protect you from those whites.
"That's the subliminal and sometimes open message."

Rep.Mo Brooks has a documented history in the 5th Congressional District, this is not his first tell us how you really feel moment.  This is the former appointed DA who voters, black and white, rejected in the general election (thank goodness). This is same individual who ran for a seat on the Madison County Commission and won due to it's gerrymandered composition.  This is the gentleman, who believes whites have a higher I.Q. than blacks, and children who live in public housing should not be allowed to attend south Huntsville schools because they lower test scores.  This is the sitting United States Congressman who was forced to withdraw use of the word socialist on the house floor, and,  who refused to back off his "anything short of shooting them" illegal immigration threat.

 And Mo says democrats are waging a war on white folks?
" Certainly if you were to flip the coin and a white person were to say vote for me because I'm white, it would be an uproar and deservedly so. So why do we allow blacks to say vote for me because I'm black or Hispanics vote for me because I'm Hispanic?
 Shhh!  Don't tell anyone but that is exactly what Mo Brooks is saying to his base, you know, the people who hate President Obama more than they love themselves.

Not to be left out,'s  Mark McCarter wasted no time jumping into the fray to defend Mo by attempting to drag state Representative Alvin Holmes into Mo's mess.   This is not about Alvin Holmes or anyone else.  It's about Mo Brooks and the dark heart that is represented by his views.  These views speak to the content Mo's character, and those of his supporters, not to Alvin Holmes character, or any other false equivalency.

Congressman Brooks is an embarrassment to the state of Alabama, and the voters who elected him.  He is not the first Alabama politico to rant racist views, but hopefully he will be the last.  Voters have the chance to send him, and others like him, to the unemployment line.

Before Mo and Company took over, north Alabama was considered to  more cosmopolitan (for lack of a better word) than other parts of the state because of it's diversity. These views most certainly do not represent the diverse community Mo was elected to represent.  Huntsville depends on federal programs to fuel it's economy.  Local leaders must be cringing with fear.  Of course I won't hold my breath waiting for someone to step up and denounce, repudiate, and reject Mo Brooks they way they made candidate Obama reject Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  That would be too much like right (pun intended).

Let me end by saying we all have some degree of prejudice in our hearts, but it takes power to exercise racism.
Ordinarily we might expect to hear talk of a “war on whites” from those on the radical fringes of American society. When the phrase comes from a sitting member of Congress, the rhetoric is far more alarming.
I'm talking about you Mark Kennedy and the Alabama Democratic Majority.  Where are all those candidates you were going to recruit once you got rid of Joe Reed and his bunch?
In theory, these are the kind of remarks that would tarnish, if not irreparably harm, a politician’s career, but Brooks has very little to worry about – his Alabama district is ruby red, and this fall, Democrats won’t bother to run a candidate against him.

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