Monday, August 11, 2014

I guess it depends on what your definition of "playing the race card" IS #WarOnWhites

Man, was Mo Brooks wrong! Democrats never play the race card, says Mo's favorite defender, Dale "Jackson",  who then asked the media to show where Mo was wrong. about his war on whites assertion.   Psst Radio Boy! Your pal Mo didn't accuse democrats of playing the race card, he accused "democrats" of waging a war on whitesRemember?
It seems he, and other old, white racists like him, feel that Democrats are racist by having the nerve to expose the racist actions of RWNJs.

Everybody knows playing the race card is what white people say when they want to belittle, marginalize, and minimize, legitimate complaint/concerns, such as the ones outlined in an article published yesterday by the New Republic, which looks at the actions of the Legislature since the Republican takeover of 2010 and examines them in terms of race and party affiliation.
 Alabama's Republican-controlled legislature is systematically undoing the gains achieved during the civil rights movement, a new article contends, pointing to things such as voter ID laws, cutting public assistance and refusing to expand Medicaid as proof of what the writer calls "the new racism."
We tried to tell some of y'all the republicans were up to no good, but did y'all listen? Nooooo. We were just race baiting, racist, dinosaurs.

Remember when Mo looked for help from African American voters before he was against  help from African American voters?

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