Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday: No mooncat, Southern men aren't the problem with the GOP

#tbt  The more things change.....the more they don't.
The Republican Party has a terrible, perhaps fatal, case of indigestion.  It swallowed the Tea Party and now can neither digest it nor rid itself of the rancid meal.  Unfortunately, their indigestion is making all of America sick. 
Robert Reich makes the case that we're in this mess because Angry, White, Southern Men Took Over the GOP and Made Our Government Into a War Zone:

If "democrats" are waging a war on whites, "democrats" sure aren't winning....
Community activist Sheila Tyson of Birmingham says that those hit hardest by the county sewer rate hike are near a breaking point."These people are going to end up rioting about this," she says. "If they let this stuff happen they are going to get the biggest riot the South has ever seen. Over this sewer business. I can see it coming."
 And the race baiting continues....

#WarOnWhites my Donkey.
 The invisible foot is the foot that white people have on the necks of blacks, Native Americans and others. It is called invisible because whites say they do not see it.

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