Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Facing Peaceful Protestors & the Media with Weapons of Mass Destruction #Ferguson

Police officer watches on during a protest on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson (AFP) 
"I will F*cking kill you!"  St. Louis cop suspended (not to be confused with fired) for pointing a rifle at a peaceful protester in #Ferguson.

Lessons Learned:
Freedom of the Press is not so free.
The very root of the uproar in Ferguson is the lack of accountability for a police officers' actions, and that outrage is being met with new and improved ways to hide unethical police actions, now including information kill switches. The ultimate police state weapon is one that hides its brutality from the public, at least until they come to a town near you.
Officer Darren Wilson is still at large.
A fourth witness has come forward. He confirms what the others have said. Michael Brown "Mike" was unarmed. There was a struggle at the police car window between the officer Darren Wilson and Mike. Mike breaks free and starts running away from the officer. The officer shot Mike. Mike turned around and the officer shot Mike three to four more times and killed him.
Despite complaints of them there Outside Agitators coming in from out of town to disturb the peace, four out of five of the people arrested are from Missouri, almost all from St. Louis. 

Rut Rho!  It seems Ferguson Police may have under reported the number of people they arrested.  I wonder why?

Attorney Charles E. Coleman tells us what to keep our eyes and ears focused on in the days and months ahead, because we all know the media we have can't walk and chew gum at the same time, and is already chasing the next bright and shiny object.

Oh BTW,  the narrative doesn't fit the facts in the police shooting of another young black man in St. Louis on Tuesday....

If Ferguson had remained “calm” in the face of Michael Brown’s murder, nobody outside greater St. Louis would know the place existed.

Know Justice, Know Peace.

#Justice for MikeBrown

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