Sunday, January 10, 2016

So, now you want a Lottery Alabama?

Via Forward Alabama: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (PLEASE SHARE): 3 months ago, Gov Bentley & Co took $100million from the state Education Fund to keep the state solvent. This week, Alabamians took our MILLIONS across state lines to buy lottery tickets that will fund education in OTHER states. Bentley & Co refuse to bring an education lottery to Alabama. Would you like to let him hear from you?

Now that it's dawned on the powers that be , and anti gambling bots, they cut off their nose to spite their face, they want to vote for state lottery?
Yep, me and thousands of Alabamians trekked on over the state line and spent our own damn money in Tennessee buying Mega Millions lottery tickets, helping the Tennessee Education system, and putting money in their coffers. Not only did I purchase lottery tickets, but also gas, food, and did a some tax free shopping, thanks to the good old Christian (cough), Compassionate (cough), Conservatives (cough) Alabama anti gambling bots.
Alabama voters soundly rejected the Governor's appeal for a lottery today, heeding the warnings of ministers over arguments that the revenue was vital to improve the state's lagging schools.
With 96 percent of the precincts reporting, 645,997 people, or 54 percent, voted against the lottery, and 543,321 people, or 46 percent, supported it.
The lottery was once almost sure to be approved, but it came under fire from religious groups who said it would exploit the poor. Some opponents also said a recent traffic ticket-fixing scandal showed that Gov. Donald Siegelman's administration could not be trusted.
And where is Gov. Donald Siegelman.... now

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