Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Keeping the Dumb Bigots in Line. THIS is the #MainstreamMedia we have.

So, yesterday President Obama overerstepped his bounds (code for didn't stay in his place) and announced a series of Executive Orders, one of which makes it more difficult for Americans to sell guns unless they obtain a gun dealer’s license from the federal government.   Gasp!  Some of the  same people who demand we obtain a government issued ID card to vote lost their ever loving minds.  Go figure.
State Senator Paul Sanford (R from Huntsville) said, “The President should set an example and tell the Secret Service that protects he & his family to lay down their arms! Executive Order that!”
EYE am trying to figure out how making it more difficult for Americans to sell guns unless they obtain a license translates into Obama is coming for your guns?  Strike that.  EYE know how.




What happened to reporting both sides?  Strike that.  EYE know what happened.  Got to keep the uniformed, misinformed.  Can't risk reporting the truth because the truth is liberal.   Snark
"The fact you are allowed to arm yourself while calling Obama a 'gun-grabbing' tyrant kinda proves he's not."
What part of We the Peeps are fed up with up with gun violence don't the mainstream media and the GOP understand? 
At no point yesterday did any Republican candidates or lawmakers point to anything specific in the president’s policy that they found objectionable. Not one measure, not one idea, not one initiative, not one paragraph, nothing.
EYE thought republicans were pro life?

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