Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why Democrats Can't Win in #SweetHomeAlabama, Hint...It's the Media

Regular readers know EYE don't "celebrate" Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday because it reminds me of his murder, specifically why he was murdered.  IMHO the King Holiday is a chance for those who hated in him life to celebrate his death.   You know the drill. Recite  selected quotes from  his "I have a Dream" speech,  join hands and sing "We Shall Overcome", leave the venue, go back to wag the tail  politics/business as usual.  EYE call it "See we aren't racist day."

Alabama Media Groups'  Kyle Whitmire, John Archibald, John Hammontree, must have experienced an awful King Birthday 2016, because the day after, they came out shooting, both barrels blazing.

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Kyle Whitmire took aim at Joe Reed and his supporters (of which EYE am one), likening him to a self serving plantation overseer, and his supporters as slaves.  He blames Joe Reed and Hillary Clinton because the Alabama Democratic Party looked like America instead of the Alabama Republican party.
Bernie Sanders' stop in Birmingham Monday night revealed at least two important things.
It revealed what's wrong with the Alabama Democratic Party.
And it revealed what's wrong with Hillary Clinton.
But to understand exactly how, you have to know one man in Alabama politics. That man is Joe Reed.
Because everybody hates Joe Reed and his bunch.

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John Archibald takes aim at Hezekiah Jackson, president of the Birmingham Chapter of the NAACP, political action group Team Seven, Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown, and The Young Democrats thrown in for color (pun intended).  Their alleged crime?  Forcing people to pay for endorsements, like it's a black thing, counting on misinformed readers to assume the NAACP is involved.
It's not unique to Team Seven. But it is rarely displayed in a manner as brash, and mercenary, if perhaps as honestly as in the team's email.
Because why would anyone want an endorsement from Team Seven or the NAACP?

John Hammontree rounds out the Trifecta accusing Bernie Sanders of literally leaving poor people out in the cold as a weapon of mass distraction from the unexpected success of the rally and to keep from talking about the substance of the rally. You know, like who was there, what was said, etc.
The failure of the city of Birmingham to plan and account for its homeless population while accommodating a Sanders rally shows how absurd it is to believe that simply voting for Bernie Sanders will somehow end systemic poverty and racism. Particularly in a state like Alabama that will remain under the control of a Republican-controlled state government skewed to favor the wealthy.
And you wonder why Alabama remains under the control of a Republican-controlled state government skewed to favor the wealthy?  Really?  Look in the media, EYE mean, mirror.

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