Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Give me somebody to vote FOR and EYE will turn my Donkey around

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Alabama Democrats (and EYE use that term loosely) are mounting a Get Out The Vote campaign and that's fine, but where are the ads? Most importantly where are the candidates

EYE can't speak for the progressive wing of the democratic party, but the democratic wing of the democratic party doesn't have to begged to get out and vote.  It would nice if we had some real democratic candidates to vote FOR.  And by real, EYE mean proud card carrying liberals.  As in Joe Reed and his bunch.  You know, the bunch that be counted on to vote for democrats.  

EYE will for democrats, but EYE will not vote a straight democratic ticket.  Fool me once, can't fool me again. 

What Alabama Democrats fail it realize it doesn't matter if Hillary or Bernie win the election, they aren't going to get anything done without a democratic congress.  Now it the time for some real democratic candidates to wake up.  

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