Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's The Media.

In Malcoms' day it was newspapers, new days it's the 24 hour cable news media. Everyone knows any media that dares report just the fact is called liberal like that's a bad thing.  To counter this, they bend over backwards to prove they are not liberal by reporting both sides , under the guise of being fair and balanced.  But here's the rub.  The truth is not fair and balanced. It's either the truth or it's a lie.  Instead of calling out and correcting the lying liars the media enables them.  It's getting to the point we can't believe anything we see/read in the the mainstream media, because if you go inside the story, you will find the narrative doesn't fit the facts.

Remember the breathless, wall to wall reporting of the foiled ISIS New Years Day attack? There’s only one problem: the story is wildly inaccurate and in many ways factually false.
Like many 11th-hour FBI terror busts, the only thing the media has to go on is a DOJ criminal complaint that’s released to the press. Statements from the accused or their lawyers very rarely reach the public. And the criminal complaint and the FBI press release are framed to deliberately deceive the media.
Let's move on to the report of the republican millionaire behind "Trump is disgusting" sky writing said he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.   This is what he said:  “Quite frankly, if it was Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton, I would vote for Secretary Clinton,” he said. “I will accept anybody but Trump.”  Words matter.  IF, EYE repeat IF it was Donald Trump vs Hillary he would vote for Hillary, but he's actually a Marco Rubio supporter.  The republicans are mad because Donald Trump pulled the sheets off , saying out loud what they say behind closed doors.

Poor Ben Carson.  His media enabled campaign is imploding.  The media propped him up for as long as they could but you can only take being a black face for white voices so far before people wake up and smell the tea, EYE mean, coffee.
Despite these revelations — or maybe because of them — Williams has maintained a very lucrative career (he is the largest black owner of television stations in the U.S.) and he serves as CEO of the Graham Williams Group, an international marketing public relations firm where he represents Carson as his business manager.
With a relationship that goes back over 20 years, Williams has guided Carson’s career from neurosurgeon to author of multiple best sellers and the subject of a television movie — helping to launch his political career as a conservative gadfly and potential presidential material.
Let's lynch Bill Cosby so we won't have to talk about Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland,  Laquan MccDonald, Minneapolis, or anything else for that matter.  Perfect example of if we don't report it, it didn't happen. 

 EYE sure do miss the good old days when the media informed the public and kept elected officials from lying to us instead of enabling them.

Roland Martin via Twitter
:  Trust me. 2016 will show us clear as day how vital having our own daily news platform is. @tvonetv #NewsOneNow will be CRUCIAL for all! 

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