Friday, February 5, 2016

Paging President Obama, Vice President Biden, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Somebody please help us #BlackHistoryMonth2016

Dear All,
EYE know you like to come to Alabama to take pictures raise money, and give speeches , but we are in desperate need of some some substantive help down here in Sweet Home Alabama.
The White House announced President Obama plans to visit #Selma on March 7, 2015 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the signing of the Voting Rights Act, which was gutted under his administration, but I digress.
EYE hate to say it, but your election seems to have bought out the worst in white Alabamians.  Because we dared get out and vote for you twice, EYE fear they have lost their collective minds.
If the cries of Montgomery politicians under indictment don’t generate sympathy, certainly the lamentation of unemployed workers in the Black Belt does. One effect of the bribe-induced Riley-Canary war on bingo in Alabama is the closure of bingo operations in Greene, Macon and Houston Counties, that employed literally thousands of workers, and brought millions of dollars annually to local government treasuries. We all wish that overwhelmingly black Greene and Macon Counties had bulldozers clearing land for new automotive and electronics plants, or for high-powered biology labs or computer engineering firms, but that’s the progress of the next generation. Right now, those counties are absolutely dependent on the entertainment and gaming business for their economic survival, and Obama’s what-me-worry attitude about Canary has placed that survival in jeopardy. Even in the white-majority Wiregrass, it’s probably safe to assume that Country Crossing employed a fair number of African-Americans in its service sector jobs. Had Bob Riley needed to worry about a U.S. Attorney with integrity in Montgomery, he would likely not have earned his Mississippi Choctaw bribes by shutting down the bingo halls, and the Legislature would probably have put a bingo referendum on this November’s ballot. As it is, there is no way to know when, or if, these businesses will reopen. At some point, even the President’s biggest supporters have to ask if he’s paying attention.
EYE know you are busy with ISIS and all but could you spare us some of your time and attention too? There is a mean spirit on the loose with our Governor leading the pack.   EYE need you to come to Alabama and do for the people who did vote for you, what you did for the people who didn't vote for you.  And could you please hurry?
Because Bentley has refused to accept assistance from the federal government, almost entirely out of political posturing, many working Alabamians — people with jobs, trying to do their part — who are caught in the so-called health care gap have to go without coverage of any kind.

How the children of Birmingham changed the Civil Rights Movement

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