Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Republicans think President Obama should only get 3/5ths of his term". #SCOTUS #BlackHistoryMonth2016

There is a mean spirit on the loose.  Remember when Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders (D.Selma) said those powerful, provocative words, and was accused of "race baiting".... among other things?  Well, can you hear him now?
The message is clear: Making America Great Again means purging everyone who isn’t white and Christian.
There can be no more pretenses.  The mean spirit is manifested in Voter ID laws, Republican Gerrymandering, and Citizens United.  

The only thing "unprecedented" about this Supreme Court vacancy is the race of the President who gets to fill it. We see you, RepublicansElections have consequences.




~Chip :) said...

Republicans are trying to impose upon President Obama that he is 3/5s of a President.

He's a shrewd dude (has to be, after all, and that is a compliment) so I am hoping that his decision is to go with a presidential appointment during the upcoming congressional recess.

Looks like this summer's window of opportunity is July 18 - September 5, according to the congressional recess calendar.

After all, Congress needs to recover from the strain of working 111 days this year.

Redeye said...

I hope he not only does a recess appointment but appoints a card carrying liberal black woman.

~Chip :) said...

So, are you up for the job?

Redeye said...

LOL! No, but I know plenty of women who are.