Saturday, February 6, 2016

Be a Sucker. Vote Republican.

H/T jobsanger, who reminds us there are two kinds of republicans, millionaires and Suckers. If millionaires convince you to vote against your self interest you are a Sucker. The millioniares are betting against America .  Suckers always fall for the Okey Doke .  Suckers can be counted on to hate President Obama more than they love themselves.

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~Chip :) said...

Very interesting! The links document it very well. Unfortunately, there are too many white people who have been "left behind" as the US shifted from being a manufacturing economy to a service economy, and so blame others for their own hardships.

There is a general lack of understanding among these folks about the impact of globalization on their own prospects. Recently in my own area, locals wanted to turn down a major retailer's bid to come into the community because the jobs were retail, and they want manufacturing jobs - you know, like what they used to have.

So they were willing to forego employment, increased tax revenues and unknown prospective retail spinoffs so they could look backward, instead of recognizing economic shifts and looking forward. SMDH