Saturday, September 23, 2017

EYE am not sure which is more pathetic.. tRump still chanting "lock her up" or the brainless supporters who still cheer him on?

For those who have been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, Donald J. tRump jetted into the Rocket City, not to be confused with Rocket Man and made #SweetHomeAlabama proud to be in America.  Not.
The president's rambling speech lasted nearly 90 minutes. He repeatedly cursed, mocked the leader of North Korea, jokingly threatened to fire a Cabinet member who endorsed Moore, called on professional football team owners to fire players who kneel during the national anthem, promised to build a new “see-through wall” on the southern border, called allegations of Russian interference in the election a “hoax,” accused unions of protecting “sadists” who abuse elderly veterans, and repeatedly relived the 2016 election.


The taxpayer-funded campaign rally would have been whites only if not for the two black males in the background.  There is a rumor circulating on Facebook that some people who showed up for the Strange/Tump rally were paid but EYE digress. 

One thing for sure is the fact Trumpster lied when he said thousands were watching outside on because they couldn't get inside the Von Braun Civic Center.  EYE think he confused protesters with supporters.

The most #deplorable highlight of the rally was when 4.5 called the mothers of #NFL players protesting against police brutality and oppression female dogs.  EYE guess the mothers of the eight-year-old ballplayers in the photo above are B^tches too.  It all starts in the home.  Parents are the first teachers.


White America, It's Time To Take A Knee

We should stop defending songs and flags and pre game ceremonies, and some cheap, ornamental nationalistic pageantry—and actually be about the work of life and liberty those things are all supposed to point to. We should be binding-up wounds instead of people of color, instead of heaping on the salt of shame and disdain.



Gerald Parks said...

Oh say can you SEE? That is the message of kneeling that these "white" Americans might want to look at. American citizens are being killed by American law enforcement. Is it necessary for these citizens to look like them BEFORE they "see"?

Redeye said...

Welcome to RedEye's page Gerald Parks! They see what they want to see in #SweetHomeAlabama