Saturday, October 12, 2019

Who will win the #BattleAtGoatHill for control of the #DemocraticPartyPlantation in #SweetHomeAlabama?

Cue in Back to life back to reality.  

#SweetHomeAlabama made national news for all the right (no pun intended) reasons yesterday with the election of Steven Reed as the first African American  Mayor of Montgomery, AL.  Yes, Black and White, young and old, rich and poor Alabamians were rejoicing together with HOPE for Change we thought we could believe in humming We Shall Overcome then BOOM!  The DNC enabled by the white male-dominated media dropped a bomb on the celebration.

Let's recap:

This whole Civil War started when the SDEC Minority Caucus foiled Senator Doug Jones's attempt to take the Alabama Democratic Party back to before.

The DNC is on the side of the Minority b-but it's not racial.

Stay tuned.

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