Sunday, January 24, 2010

You can't lose what you never had.

The Talking TeeVee Pundit Heads and the right wing republicans teabaggers claim the election results in Massachusetts mean President moved to far to the left and he lost the so called independents. Poppycock! President Obama never had the support of so called independents and will never have the support of so called independents. So called Independents didn't vote for President Obama. They will never vote for President Obama. President can't lose what he never had and never will have.

What President lost and is losing is the people that bought him to the dance. you know, African Americans, women, anti war, LBGT, Hispanics, Native Americans, labor and liberals/progressives, aka the hard left. You know why? Because he hasn't done a darn thing for them. David Lindorff calls it the 2010 double whammy and the incredible shrinking Obama.

There are some that argue President Obama shouldn't be criticized because he's doing the best he can considering the circumstances and people like me should stop weeping and wailing and give him more time to fix things. I'm not one of those people Living a Black Fantasy, I'm living in the real world. Candidate Obama asked for and recieved my support because he told us why we can't wait , we have to be the change we have been waiting for, and to have hope not fear. Remember? I don't know what happened on the road to the White House, but we can't wait for health care reform. We can't wait for jobs. We can't wait for quality public schools. We need to act with the swift urgency of NOW.

republicans are a resurgent group. They are sore losers and they play to win. President Obama tried the bipartisian, nice guy route and see where that got him? As the young people say, POTUS better recognize who he's dealing with and deal with them accordingly. Stop signaling and start acting!

What would Ted Do?
No doubt Senator Ted Kennedy is rolling in his grave -- but if you listen very closely -- he isn't sighing -- he is saying "sign it."

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