Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dred Scott, Bush v. Gore and now this

Vincent Bugliosi called them the Felonious Five after the 5-4 Bush v. Gore ruling. I call them the Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Five. The 5-4 decision to grant corporations citizenship rights is right up there with the Dred Scott decision and the Bush v. Gore decision. Both were wrong and had lasting negative impacts on our country.

Dr. Boyce Watkins says the Supreme Court has sold out the American people and the 5-4 decision saying corporations had the same rights as human beings are the teabaggers worst nightmare come to life since they're always hollering about taking their country back. I wonder if they are going to try and take their country back from the corporations?
The Supreme Court has weakened the knees of politicians who are already manipulated heavily by corporate America. No elected official in his or her right mind is going to support any initiative that votes against corporate interests. America just took a double dose of Capitalism 101, and as a professor of finance, I seriously wonder if our nation understands how unfettered capitalism will ultimately destroy a society.

And we thought republicans didn't want any of them there "activist" judges making up laws and stuff.

Let this be a lesson for voters. The President has the power and authority to appoint Supreme Court justices for life. We can thank Ronald Reagan (r.CA),George H. Walker(r.TX), and his son George W. Bush(r.TX) for this court and this ruling. Remember that when election times come around. You're not electing a President, you're electing a Supreme Court. For life.

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