Friday, January 22, 2010

Weeping and Wailing is in the eye of the beholder.

Interesting discussion on Left in Alabama last night regarding criticism of President Obama. There are some who feel expectations are too high and President Obama is doing the best he can considering the circumstance and all the weeping and wailing is unproductive and unfair.

I on the other hand argue, it's easy for us to sit behind our computer screens in our comfortable homes, send our students to quality public schools/colleges, take care of our elderly parents, take vacations, have 401k plans and access to quality, affordable health care to be patient. So far President Obamas' policies have benefited Wall Street but not Main Street like he promised.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich reminds us 47 million are with health insurance because they can't afford it. How many times have you seen Congressman Kuchinich on TeeVee talking about health care reform? As my late maternal grandmother used to say, "very few" because the weepers and the wailers are suppressed in favor of polls claiming a majority of Americans are in favor of halting the health care bill. Who did they poll? The media? republicans? Can you say Waterloo?

Progressive Congressional candidate Marcy Wingold says it's not time to back off and soften our approach and without progressive challengers we will continue to see more Massachusetts. I agree.

Silence helps the oppressors not the oppressed.

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