Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kill Baby Kill!

Troy Anthony Davis, the the eldest child of Korean War veteran Joseph Davis and hospital worker Virginia Davis is scheduled to be killed on September 21, 2012, even though the case against him has fallen apart.

Contrary to the opinion of the uninformed and the misinformed, Troy Davis is not a thug just because he's an African American. Troy Davis Davis grew up with four siblings in the predominantly black, middle-class neighborhood of Cloverdale in Savannah, GA. He attended Windsor Forest High School but dropped out in his junior year to be available to drive his disabled younger sister to her rehabilitation. Davis obtained his GED in 1987. People who actually knew him described him as a "straight up fella" who acted as a big brother to local children.

Although Davis was convicted by a jury of his peers, seven out of the nine people who said it was him have "recanted" or changed their testimony. In addition to that, Sylvester "Redd" Coles, the first person to accuse Davis -- might have actually been the shooter because since conviction, several people have testified that he lied about Davis to protect himself. And boasted about getting away with it.

To make things worse, they don't have any physical evidence (nothing you can see or touch) against Davis either. What little physical evidence the State of Georgia once had it has since withdrawn and new forensics technologies have revealed grievous error, making the assumptions of the past wrong.

Troy Davis's wheelchair bound sister Martina Correia said“They know my brother is innocent but the state is bent on taking his life." Ain't that a dip?

How do you explain the death penalty to children?

There are moments in parenting when not telling the whole truth is very important. I did not say "They will wheel Troy into a tiled room. They will strap him to a gurney. They will inject him with a series of drugs that will kill him in stages, despite the fact that there is real evidence that these drugs do not always work as smoothly as we are told. Despite the fact that he may suffer as he dies, they will strap him down, and people will watch, and they will inject him, and Troy Davis will die, even though he is almost certainly innocent."

Instead, I swallowed hard and thought about our cat, the one we put to sleep a couple years back, the one whose last living memory was of being in my arms. I said "Oh no, honey, they'll give him drugs like we gave Chauncey. The first one will make him sleep, and the next one will stop his heart. Do you remember how Chauncey died, quietly in my arms?

What the Christian Progressive Liberal said, all the damn way!

If I’m the Governor of a state that has the Death Penalty, I would want to make damned sure that whomever is sentenced to death actually did the crime.

I would not want to execute someone only to find out later that the condemned person was innocent. An execution does not allow for “do-overs” to get it right. From what I’ve read about Troy Davis, there is hell of enough reasonable doubt to set him free, let alone grant him a new trial

What if that were the kind of Governor the State of Georgia had instead of the the kind of Governor they have?

An execution warrant setting Troy Davis’ execution has been signed by a Chatham County judge. The execution date has now been set for September 21st.

An execution is NOT inevitable. This merely sets the clemency process in motion. Before Sept. 21, the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles will rule on whether Troy Davis’ sentence should be commuted, or whether the execution should be carried out as scheduled. Previously, the Board stated that it would not allow an execution unless there was “no doubt” as to guilt.

Oppose the killing of some body's baby.


FED UP said...

We should have a program for the liberals of the world who feel that jail time the death penalty probation etc is cruel and unusual!

We can let them sign up to house a prisoner in their home, around their kids to see if the man/woman has rehabilitated. We will start with the child molesters then rapist then murders!

How many bleeding heart liberals would actually sign up for that program?

If you break the law then pay the price! I will not argue the death penalty just the fact that some humans choose not to conform to societys norm. Those are the ones we need to keep away from our families!

Redeye said...

Spoken like a true TeaPublican.

FED UP said...

Cat got your tongue? How many bleeding heart liberals would actually sign up for that program?

Mack Lyons said...

Hey FuckUp, your bloodlust is showing!

FED UP said...

Hey Mack sissy Lyons...would your liberal butt sign up? NO so shut the hell up. Liberals talk all this bs but would not participate in any type of program like that!

Redeye said...

Hey F U, this thread is about the pending execution of Troy Davis although the case against him has fallen apart,, not some stoopid a$$ "program". Liberals are for justice for ALL. PERIOD.

FED UP said...

I was replying to the thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was also right because you nor sassy Mack have no reply! Stop crying about it!

Troy Davis will die or get a stay either way he should never get out of prison!!

Redeye said...

F U, this is my sandbox and I'm getting fed up with you pi$$ing in it. I have no intention of responding to comments I deem to be off topic and illigical. And this is the last time I want to hear you tell me to stop "crying" or anything else. You are not the boss of me. This is MY blog not yours. You don't have the RIGHT to tell me or anyone else what they can or cannot do. Now run tell THAT.

Redeye said...

PS F U, Troy Davis should NOT spend the rest of his life in jail for a crime he did not commit. This is the United States of America, the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE. Remember?

FED UP said...

Don't make this blog public on the net if you do not want me to piss in your sandbox!!! Now you run and tell that!

You DO NOT know that he did not commit that crime and I do not know that he did! I do know a jury of his PEERS convicted him!!! You can run and tell that too!

FED UP said...

Speaking of crime here's one for you!

Obama’s DOJ refusing to prosecute blacks and Latinos.


The Obama Administration has a double standard on hate crimes. When the victim is black or Hispanic, they prosecute the alleged offender. When the victim is white, they don’t. This violates constitutional equal-protection guarantees, which forbid discrimination against whites, except for certain bona fide affirmative action programs in areas like employment and education.

As a former Justice Department civil-rights lawyer notes, the Criminal Section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division does nothing when the victim of a hate crime is white:

when the victims of racial violence are white, nothing happens.

When a mob of blacks savagely attacked random whites at the Wisconsin State Fair earlier this summer, the Section did nothing. When a similar riot occurred at the Iowa State Fair in August 2010 — where bands of black teens organized a “beat whitey night” — the Section once again did nothing. Last month, still another flash mob of blacks beating whites took place in Philadelphia, yet the Section did nothing. The same is true near Pittsburgh and in Ohio.

Just like the outrageous dismissal of the New Black Panther Party case, there is a pervasive hostility in this administration to bringing cases on behalf of white victims.

By contrast, if the victim is non-white — like an illegal alien from Mexico attacked in Pennsylvania — the Justice Department prosecutes; in the Pennsylvania case it obtained guilty verdicts in federal court against two white teenagers who had previously been found not guilty of hate crimes and most other charges in Pennsylvania state court. (We previously discussed the danger that the recently-broadened federal hate-crimes law will be used to prosecute people who have previously been found not guilty, resulting in potentially unfair convictions, and circumventing constitutional safeguards against double jeopardy, at this link. Depending on how broadly it is construed, the federal hate-crimes law could also end up restricting free speech in cases of alleged incitement.)

The Obama Administration’s racial double standard is itself the product of an increasingly politicized Justice Department, whose ideologically-driven hiring (and discrimination against moderate and conservative applicants in hiring) under Obama dwarfs any partisan hiring in the past.

Redeye said...

It's a brazen, racist L-I-E the Obama administration is refusing to prosecute blacks and latinos. Since you insist on being off topic from this point on you are on speed ignore.

FED UP said...

Refusing to as a hate crime!