Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RedEye's Wednesday Whine

Because it's not a bunch of people calling President Obama a Kenyan/ Muslim/Socialist/Anti Christ, you won't see it on TeeVee or read about it in the newspaper, but Wall Street is being occupied by protestors....
The point of Occupy Wall Street is that the political process and culture of the United States is broken, that a lot of people know that its broken, and that the anger has gotten to the point that folks want to deal with it.

What do you want to bet if it were the Tea Party being pepper sprayed there would be wall to wall outrage? Since it's just a bunch of tree hugging/hippy/liberals it's OK because they deserve it. *snark*
The don't deserve the pepper spray because in the current security state (and New York understandably is more in lock down than most cities), just holding a march in the street is illegal. An event permit to assemble for anything in NY costs $4200. That's a high price for freedom to assemble.

Speaking of Wall Street...the latest media made Great White Hope, New Jersey Governor Chris Christy is a former Wall Street Lobbyist. But that's OK.
Please, Gov. Christie, run for president! I so want to talk about how, as you put it, you never even set foot in the Trenton state house until you were elected -- even though you were the NJ statehouse lobbyist for the Securities Industry Association, the Wall Street trade association, under Bernie Madoff.

What's that you say...White liberals are whining whiners too? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you. Not.
Racism isn't responsible for the president's drop in popularity. His right-wing policies are

If it's not racism...what is it?

This truth is everywhere. You can see it in black unemployment rates, which are twice as high as white unemployment rates -- a disparity that persists even when controlling for education levels. You can see it in a 2004 MIT study showing that job-seekers with "white names receive 50 percent more callbacks for interviews" than job seekers with comparable résumés and "African American-sounding names." And you can see it in a news media that looks like an all-white country club and a U.S. Senate that includes no black legislators.

Sweet Home Alabama. Where the skies are blue and the people in power care more about what you read than if you can read.
The New York Times reports that Mark Melvin, an Alabama inmate, has sued the state for denying him the right to read “Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II.” Penned by Douglas A. Blackmon, the senior national correspondent at the Wall Street Journal, the book won the Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction in 2009.

Melvin, who is serving a life sentence at Kilby Correctional Facility just outside of Montgomery, filed the suit in federal court against the prison’s officials and the Alabama commissioner of corrections, claiming they have unjustly kept a book out of his hands.

Maybe that's why the Huntsville City School System is on the fast road to recovery because they are balancing the budget on the backs of children. But don't whine about it.
11% of the student population is responsible for 61% of the cuts.

RedEye Whine over and out....until next time.

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