Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who the Heck are the Polling Pollsters Polling?

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So I woke up this morning to TeeVee Talking Pundit Head after TeeVee Talking Pundit Head touting  polls claiming  Slick Willard and President Obama are neck in neck in key battleground states, despite the mudslinging etc. by both sides.  According to them, "It's a tight race".  Oh really?

Who the heck are they polling in these key battleground states?  The 1%? Those who have 401k's and offshore accounts? Those who have access to quality, affordable,health care? Those who have several homes, boats, dancing horses, and cars?  Those who can afford to send their children to elite private schools and Universities?  Those who have jobs?  Those who have Trust Funds?

They certainly can't be polling the  99%.  Those who are unemployed?  Those who are homeless as a result of being jobless?  Those who don't have access to quality, affordable, health care?  Those who can't afford to send their child to college, and are forced to send them to underfunded public schools?

They certainly aren't polling public school teachers, public service workers,  union workers and tradesmen/women.

They certainly aren't polling women.

They certainly aren't polling LBGT's.

They certainly aren't polling African Americans.

They certainly aren't polling Hispanics.

So who the heck are they polling?

All I'm going to say is, if the polling pollsters are are correct, and Obama and Romney are "neck in neck", it's proof there are more Americans who hate Obama more than they love Romney.

Well there's a certain mean spiritness out there, not only in Alabama, but in America, and that's what makes this election important.~Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders (D.Selma)

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