Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Is Alabama going to be left behind" because the "Alabama Democratic Party is on Life Support"?

Let me think about that for a minute........

In a recent column's Joey Kennedy points out the majority of Alabama sore losers, I mean voters, proved they hate our President and democrats more than they love their country or themselves,  by sending the same old obstructionist back to Washington D.C. to put President Obama, and them there freeloaders, in their places.
So it's 11 days after the election, and some Alabama Republicans (and Republicans in other states, too, I suppose) are still firmly parked in denial. They can't believe -- gasp! -- that Barack Hussein Obama (they often use all three of the president's names, part of their birther pride) actually won re-election. These avoiders would rather have confrontation than cooperation. And it doesn't look as if the Alabama GOP is about to eject the extremists who have far too much authority in the party.
While the Alabama GOP is hunkering down and circling the wagons,  WSFA's Ken Hare notes the Alabama Democratic party is not dead, but it's on life support.
After state Democrats failed to field candidates in 10 of the 12 statewide races on the ballot on Nov. 6 and saw their candidates lose in the other two races, talk of Alabama once again being a "one-party state" -- just with Republicans in power instead of Democrats -- started being bandied about.
Why is the Alabama Democratic Party on life support you ask?  Because they insist on doing the same thing over and over again HOPING for a different result. 
"We still have more than 50 percent of the elective offices in courthouses throughout the state," said Kennedy, a former associate justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.
He admitted disappointment over the party's poor showing in the election, but said he was "encouraged that we still have a lot of grassroots support." He spoke of the need to become better organized at the grassroots level, to develop "more intense messaging," and to "have a better conversation with people we know share our values."
See what I mean?  Now,  I am not the head honcho of the Alabama Democratic Party, and no one asked for my opinion but I'm going to offer my prescription for getting the Alabama Democratic Party off life support now and forever in 5 easy steps.

1.  Expel all INFILTRATORS,  paraquoting George Dubya Bush "yer either wit us or aginst us".

2.  Stop suppressing MINORITY voices.  All WHITE   is not right (pun intended).

3.  He/she who controls the MESSAGE controls the outcome. As they say in my neighborhood, talk is cheap.....just DO IT! 

4.  Call out the HYPOCRISY. 

5.  Elect a LEADER who is mean as a snake a likes a fight  for real, and who won't do the same thing over and over again HOPING for a different result.

On a personal note, postings will be light for the next few days as I celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I am thankful President Obama was reelected and will continue to take our country forward and not back to the days of slavery and Jim Crow, and I will pray he will not leave Alabama behind.  

Peace and blessings!

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