Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Secession, the Media, Milestones, and Cults

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (r), and Alabama Senator Richard Shelby (r) touring the tornado devastation with President Barack Obama (D)  in Tuscaloosa, Alabama following a press briefing.

Side bar with a sigh
If you look closely at the photograph attached to this diary of a VIP group walking with President Obama, I count nine individuals....Two in the front row, three in the middle row and four in the back, one of whom is barely visible as a pair of grey-trousered legs and the corner of a face. Two of them -- counting the President -- are non-white, one more may be.
The proportion of non-white persons in Alabama's population is about 29%, so 22%, or better 33%, persons of color (2 or 3 out of 9) would not be far out of line with the state population.
According to the same source, the proportion of persons in the population of Alabama who happen to be female is almost 52%. Female persons in the VIP group including President Obama: precisely zero.
Hell No they ain't fergittin!

I guess we shouldn't be surprised the reddest of the red states want to secede from the union in wake of the reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama.   Remember when CNN's Anderson Cooper and others accused Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders of race baiting when he said he didn't want to go back to the days of slavery and Jim Crow in a robo call to democratic voters in 2010?  Well, these are the same states who fought a war to keep slavery, instituted Jim Crow after they lost.  Yep, they were so sure the tried and true  southern strategy was going to work for them again.

Also, this is the same media who had people believing Mitt Romney was going to win, who enabled Bush and Dick to take us to war based on dead wrong intelligence, and house republicans to impeach President Bill Clinton for trying to conceal a consensual sex act from his wife, daughter and the country.

President Obama should handle the secessionist movement the same way my mother handled me when I decided I wanted to secede from the family unit because I didn't want to abide by the rules.  Out of the kindness of her heart she packed some of my clothes, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and an orange in a brown paper bag and wished me well.  I seceded down the road to my best friends house and hung out there all day, but when it started getting dark her mother told me it was time for me to head on home.  Then I remembered I'd  run away from home and didn't have any place to go for food, shelter and comfort.

So guess what I did.....I say let those who want to secede go.  They don't need a military to protect them.  Interstate highways to travel on.  Hospitals when they get sick.  Post offices to receive and deliver their mail.  Public works and sanitation.  Airports, train and bus stations.  And god forbid they have a hurricane, tornado, wild fires or a flood.  They might leave, but they will be back with a new attitude.  Trust me.

On a personal note, I can't let this day pass without noting a milestone, November 13, 2012 marks the third anniversary of the day Political Ideology Trumped Family and Friends ,and my front page privileges were revoked at leftinalabama.  It still hurts I am banned from participating in the Informed.  Involved.  Progressive. discussion at the place where it all started for me, where I dared be a voice for the voiceless.  So I will will mark this milestone the same as before, by respectfully asking my privileges be reinstated at Left in Alabama.

Cults demand their adherents break with friends and family; political parties shouldn't.

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