Thursday, November 8, 2012

RedEye's Post Election Blog Stroll

This is the Face of the Republican Party~Fist Dap to Mack Lyons who says, take a look at this face-The last time any "real" American looked this way is when the slaves were freed.

During the campaign cycle I kept asking myself how in the heck does Romney think he's going to win without women, African Americans, labor, Hispanics and the LBGT community? I mean there aren't that many old, rich white men/women in America, and although they tried to employ the Bush/Rove model (if you can't beat em suppress em) I knew they couldn't suppress that many people. Or could they......

Nope the media enabled, GOP infused, Tea Party just can't understand what went wrong with their plan to "take their country back" to the days of all war all the time so the rich could get richer while the rest got the shaft.  They honestly thought voters were going to fall for their b.s. and elect them??!! 
 There's no way anyone with even the remotest access to the internet—and its myriad polling aggregator sites—would think they were headed toward any sort of big victory. That's why conservative media worked so hard to convince their audience that the polling was "skewed". They willfully made themselves breathtakingly stupid.

The Skeptic One breaks it down:
Let's buy a vowel, shall we. The Republican Party of Lincoln is NOT the Republican Party of today. Hell, the Republican Party of today is not even the GOP of the 20th Century. The current GOP must have secretly beamed down from some alien planet that is invisibly circling our sun, or passing through our universe, because these so called Republicans have absolutely no human or recognizable conservative attributes, what so ever.
To say republicans are sore losers is an understatement:
 Ultimately, you won't learn anything. Because you're Republicans. And there's something tragically touching and almost poetically ignorant about stubbornly clinging to the anchor of your principles even as the ship sinks and everyone around you is saying to let it go and take a life preserver.

Yeah, now we to look forward to the inevitable endless investigations of meaningless things before the push for impeachment. Because you're Republicans. And that's just easier to do than actually govern.

And no, you cannot have your country back America is moving forward, with or without you. 
That’s the message voters sent the Republican Party and its Tea Party wing Tuesday night when they re-elected President Obama and strengthened the Democrats’ control of the Senate.
No amount of outside money or voter suppression or fear mongering or lying — and there was a ton of each — was enough to blunt that message.

Psst President Obama, those of us who live in the reddest of the red states need your immediate attention on a number of issues.  It's been hell to pay  since you were elected the first time....they are really going to get those of us who voted for you again.
The election of Barack Obama was guaranteed to have far reaching, and long lasting implications for Alabama politics. The first election of an African-American President could not be anything other than a paradigm-shifting event. On the one hand, Obama’s presence on the ballot seems to have brought out the worst in white Alabama.

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