Monday, November 26, 2012

Today in "It's OK if You Are a Black Republican Woman"

Dr. Susan Rice (D)
Do republicans really think all black folks look alike?  The reason I'm asking is because evidently some in the GOP have Dr. Susan Rice and Dr. Condolezza Rice, both women of color, confused with each other.

 Dr. Susan Rice is being described by grumpy old (white) men as incompetent and unfit to be nominated to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State because she relayed information given to her by those who are supposed to know in wake of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya in a television interview.  Gasp!

Mind you, these are some of the same grumpy old (white) men who nominated and confirmed Dr. Condolezza Rice, who was the National Security Adviser on 9/11, to replace General Colin Powell as Secretary of State after they relayed information given to them by those who are supposed to know to take us to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Dr. Condolezza Rice (R)
Was Dr. Condolezza Rice ever called incompetent and unfit to be Secretary of State?  Nope.  The republican party can deny the racism and sexism against Dr. Susan Rice, but the narrative and the facts just don't fit.
Admittedly, not every accusation of racism against the Republican Party has turned out to be actual racism. But the birther thing is. The Southern Strategy is. The Voter ID crusade is. And in numerous cases, Republicans hate the president because he represents the browning of America and the slow suffocation of white supremacy. They’re willing to permit a few tokens like Marco Rubio, Allen West and Condoleezza Rice because they serve a purpose: to blunt often valid criticism of racism in the party’s rhetoric and electoral strategy. But leaders like Susan Rice and Barack Obama are the real deal, with lopsidedly massive support among all minority groups. Republicans will never fully understand how badly the Southern Strategy has poisoned the party. And no matter how many “scare quotes” are employed or how many times they desperately reach back and try to paint the modern Democratic Party with a Dixiecrat brush, they’ve created this racism problem themselves and I doubt they can dig their way out of it.
There is more than a whiff of hypocrisy.
McCain's attacks ring hollow because Condi was National Sec advisory, ie. not merely reading a script, but helping to *write* it. She failed the country on 9/11 and helped spread the lies about Iraq and mushroom clouds. The Bush admin. pro-actively lied to us, lied about WMDs, about Bin Laden and Saddam being connected, lied about everything to get a war they've wanted long before 9/11 which led to the deaths of thousands of people, incl. 4500 American troops...yet we're supposed to believe that four deaths in a country going through transition, a country where the people rose up against the militias they blamed for those 4 deaths, a Libyan president apologizing to the US for those deaths, a country where they could've used more security, but the GOP voted AGAINST $$$ for security, is an impeachable offense? Get a mirror, rightwing assholes.
The GOP underestimates the public's ability to witness blatant hypocrisy. You'd think they'd realize that fact when they got their asses handed to them on election day. Quit pushing conspiracies that expose your party's bullshit and real agenda.
Opposition to Dr. Susan Rice based on performance is fair game, it's about the policies, not the sex of the person, the race of the person, or the party of the person. The sooner the GOP and the media realize this the better off our country will be.

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