Friday, November 30, 2012

RedEye's Week in Reviw

Fist Dap jobsanger: Don't Back Down
The week ended just like it started, with the republicans still in state of denial, and the media trying to turn the losers (republicans)  into the winners (democrats).

We seem to be in a cycle that mimics the movie "Groundhog Day." The election ended with the resounding re-election of Barack Obama, something the Republican Party, with its customary rabid partisanship, refuses to accept.    
I wonder what part of  significant reforms to entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid, deep spending cuts and not raising tax rates for the wealthy LOST on election day don't they understand?  Been there, done that, and guess what, it didn't work then, it's not working now, and it won't work in the future. If their way worked we wouldn't be in this mess.
Conservative economic thought is based on a single simple premise, which just so happens to be wrong. The premise is that if you make sure businesses* have as much money as possible, they'll hire more workers. One easy way to do that, they claim, is to lower their taxes.
If that were really the case, though, the economy would be in great shape. After all, corporate profits after taxes are at all-time highs (and the same is true even after accounting for inflation. So why aren't more businesses hiring?
 Annoy the media, it's time for democrats to act like democrats and stop pandering to voters who MIGHT vote for them at the expense of voters who DO vote for them.  What good is electing democrats if they are going to govern like a republican?
In 2010, Beltway Democrats miscalculated badly. Many of them-- with the acquiescence and even the encouragement of the leadership-- decided the safer bet was to vote like a Republican rather than to embrace and explain a progressive vision for solving real problems that face the country. So Democratic voters didn't go to the polls and dozens of House Democrats-- mostly Blue Dogs and New Dems but a few good people as well-- lost their seats. Preventing another catastrophe like that should be a big focus of the House Dems.
No more Twinkies, the execs get $1.76 million in bonuses, 18,500 workers get the shaft. Blame the Union.
But before you jump, be sure to blame it on the union workers. Those workers who were too greedy to swallow yet another pay cut, this time for eight percent. Or see their pension fund gutted, and their benefits slashed 17 percent. Or take these demands from a CEO who saw his own personal salary triple from $750,000 to roughly $2.5 million.
NOT.  Blame the gop infused media enabled Tea Party and the Suckers who elected them.
 On the other side you’ve got the Tea Party supporters, brandishing their swords and demanding free enterprise unfettered by government. In another world that might be a good idea, but apparently nobody’s told them that the corporate-political machine is playing them like puppets on a string. In the end, they’re nothing but bouncers for that top one percent.
The White on Rice Offensive was in full gear this week as republicans blamed United Nations Ambassodor Susan Rice for being the National Security Adviser on 9/11,  the Secretary of State in 1998, and a political operative in 2012.  There is more than a whiff of hypocrisy.
 “We find it utterly incredulous that the Honorable Senators who uncritically supported the war against Iraq, based on inexplicably flawed intelligence or outright deception, could even perk their lips to criticize Ambassador Rice.”
Wednesday nights memorial service for 17 year old Jordan Davis was of course very sad and full of emotion
as his parents prepare to bury him in Powder Springs, Georgia on Saturday.   Davis was shot and killed after 45 year old Michael Dunn  fired 8-9 bullets in the car he was riding in because he (Dunn)  thought he had the right to order a car load of African American teens to turn their music down.  After the shooting Dunn fled the scene because he was afraid a gang of blacks were going to come after him.  I wonder why he would think something like that?  Sounds like Florida is a good place to be from, and the home of  black parents worst nightmare.
To sum up, Dunn shot at an unarmed group of teens (of color) because they cursed at him while refusing to turn down their music, which evidently makes them gang members. It sounds to me like Dunn, much like George Zimmerman, may actually believe he is the victim here.

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