Monday, July 11, 2016

This is what "Violent Protesters" Look Like in the "Land of the Free and the home of the Brave" #KnowJusticeKnowPeace

"I went into the street with my arms crossed and just stared at them. I guess they didn't like it because they detained me.'  #SayHerName #LeshiaEvans


~Chip :) said...

It is so trite to say that we have "seen this movie before."

Last time, it was beautiful women arranging flowers in guns.

This time, a woman stands unflinchingly before police equipped for combat.

Combat against those they are sworn to protect.

The militarization of police against citizens is REAL.

Redeye said...

Yep. Hard to believe this is happening under an African American President and two African American Attorney Generals. But then again, maybe it's not so hard to believe. Maybe it was all part of the plan. Maybe HOPE for CHANGE we can BELIEVE in was just a slogan....