Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wardynski uses fear, intimation, and HPD to control the narrative #HCSBOE.

Under the capable command and control of Colonel Wardynski (aka Huntsville City Schools Instructional Leader), and his Cabinet (aka the Board of Education), Huntsville City Schools is now a Militarized Zone.  It's Wardynski's way or the highway.

Fresh off of dedicating the new state of the art Sonnie Hereford III Elementary School, and presenting the final draft of the much anticipated Behavioral Learning Guide, the BOE successfully bullied, threatened, intimidated, and harassed a citizen to prevent them from speaking.

At last night's Huntsville school board meeting, Eddgra Fallin was removed by school officials and police after she began live streaming the meeting on Facebook with her phone.
The video has since been viewed nearly 5,000 times on Facebook.
"As I indicated last night, I was not violating any written rules, nor did I violate any law," said Fallin this morning. "The board room was practically empty. Prior to me being kicked out, aisles were full of people taking pictures and video of the college academy presentation and they were invited and encouraged to do so."
The citizen comments portion of the public meeting had just started and three citizens, including Fallin, were scheduled to speak, she said.
HCS  and Colonel Wardynski have a documented history of intimidating the  citizens of Huntsville, and  stifling dissent.
There were no less that six district security personnel at the board meeting tonight. And even more disconcerting than that, there were at least five marked Huntsville Police Department cars and one unmarked police car present at the meeting tonight.
During the citizen comments, which I think were nearly cancelled tonight as they were left off the agenda, there were approximately 10 security personnel in the board room.
And that was after all the general public entered the building through a metal detector again.
The only time this level of security was present was during the removal of the Lee High name from the new high school. Then I think there may have been three district personnel and perhaps two or three armed police officers.
 This is what the Consent Decree was designed to address.
One might argue that security was being used to intimidate members of the public for undertaking state statute protected activities. One might argue that the superintendent was attempting to influence the board and the public by using emotionally charged, racially charged images. One might argue that the superintendent was the one attempting to intimidate others the last time that citizen comments were broadcast in his comments to a teacher who stood up for what she believes in.
(I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the citizen’s comments to the board weren’t broadcast during the board meeting immediately following the superintendent’s“cautioning” of a teacher. You know, the meeting where the citizen’s comments worked against him.)
This is what it's all about.
The Citizen Comments section of the board agenda provides an opportunity for public comment on any item concerning public education and provides for any resident up to three minutes to fully present his or her position on a particular issue. It also provides us an opportunity to appear to care about the little people as we pack up to go home. Speakers are required to include their name and address before speaking. A speaker must show the expected reverence due to the board of education when approaching the board. A speaker cannot delegate his or her time to another person. A speaker should approach the board slowly and quietly as the board members are easily threatened. We suggest that speakers keep their heads down at all times as eye contact with your superiors is inappropriate. Speakers will not be limited unless they become repetitive and no new information is provided or unless we’re just sick of hearing from you. The time clock is displayed in the front board station. God help you if you make any disparaging remarks, comments or statements pertaining to the good name and character of any individual. Finally, please do not expect any board action or response on a request or a comment made under this section unless you have sued us. This will allow the board the opportunity to pretend to responsibly study, research all expressed concerns, issues or requests and quietly dismiss them without embarrassment to us or harming our reelection campaigns.
The Devil, EYE mean, details are in the comment section 
EYE always say if you want to see who those in positions of power and influence pander to, and how they really feel, hold your nose and sort through the anonymous commentators. You might accidentally trip over the truth.
"Board President Laurie McCaulley had stepped out of the room to take care of personal business just before the citizen comments began, so she missed the commotion." 
It's election season. Mrs. McCaulley stepped out of the room intentionally to keep her hands clean. She determines the order of the speakers for citizen comments. She knew Mrs. Fallin would be filming. It was planned to give Mrs. Fallin a hard time. Did you see the smug look on David Driscoll's face? It is time for new leadership on our school board!! The shenanigans and drama are completely unnecessary if the current board truly focused on kids and not on controlling and punishing the adults that step out of line.
None of the folks standing up to film and photograph earlier in the meeting were asked to sit down.
NOTICE: Due to Huntsville City School Superintendent Casey Warydynski's Executive Orders, the school district may have read your social media accounts without warning, warrant, or notice. You have no recourse nor protection but to call for the resignation of the Superintendent and the Board of Education who enabled him.

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