Wednesday, July 13, 2016

EYE love how "Freedom of Speech" applies to everyone but African Americans #WhitePrivilegeMeans

In case you've been living under a rock, the first black Miss Alabama, Kayln Chapman James was suspended from her job for daring to publicly express her innermost thoughts and feelings about current events on live on Facebook.   Gasp!   EYE mean, how dare she exercise her first amendment rights in the land of the free and the home of the brave?  She should know by now democracy applies to everybody but Black Folks, especially since we have an African American President, but EYE digress.
Public TV station suspends former Miss Alabama for comments

Kayln Chapman James isn't only one being ostracized, crucified, and arrested for speaking out and taking a stand , the WNBA Minnesota Lynk Basketbal team found out Freedom isn't Free  too.


EYE want you to compare and contrast the actions of these women of color to what former United States Congressman (yes you read it right) Joe Walsh threatened President Obama's life on Twitter. 

Now, compare and contrast the consequences Joe Walsh faced.

Lemon asked Walsh if he stood by his words on Twitter.
"Yeah. Oh, absolutely, because I stand by what I meant, Don," Walsh said. "I didn't intend to say everybody go threaten Barack Obama or incite violence against Barack Obama. I don't know of a sane person that would do that. That's not what I meant, Don."
He told Lemon he made that remark because he's "pissed off" and "there really is a war on our cops."
EYE will wait.


Brian said...

How are any of the examples you give violations of their freedom of speech?

Four police officers who were off-duty and were working as independent contractors for the facility walking off the job is not denying somebody their freedom of speech. It is the officers exercising their freedom of speech.

Kalyn James being suspended by her employer for being a public figure making a comment that some found offensive. Might not be something that we agree with, but if you believe that she should not have been suspended, then you should also believe the same thing about, for example, Phil Robertson and Curt Shilling. Companies suspend people all too often for making comments that offend somebody. It does not mean that it is right but it is the world that has been created for us by us. I don't know who started it, I don't care who started it, but until everybody stops being offended by others exercising their freedom of speech, it will continue.

~Chip :) said...

Three men assaulted while exercising their freedom of speech. I wonder who they offended.

3 Men Allegedly Shot While Recording Facebook Live Video in Virginia

"Three men were shot and suffered life-threatening injuries while recording video on Facebook Live in Virginia on Tuesday night, police said.

The men are seen in the video sitting in a car, smoking and rapping when shots ring out about 5 1/2 minutes into the cellphone recording....

Two of the men are doing better, but one is still in critical condition, according to the Norfolk Police Department."

Redeye said...

EYE am for freedom of speech for everybody Brian, even those I disagree with because that's the American way. At least it used to be. As for the cops walking off their JOBS because they don't like someone exercising their freedom speech, that's different. They are sworn to protect and serve regardless. They can't pick and choose. At least they used to couldn't....

Brian said...

Chip, what do we know about that incident other than three men were shot in a vehicle while recording a facebook video? Do we know if the shooting was about them recording a facebook video? Do we know why they were shot? Do we know who the shooter or shooters is or are?

Redeye, 2 points about the officers at the Lynx game. 1) They were off duty officers hired by the Target Center to provide security for a Minnesota Lynx game. They were not ON DUTY at the time. They were not being paid by the police department to be there. 2) The Supreme Court has ruled, not once, but twice, that the police do not have a Constitutional Duty to protect. Their duty is to stop and investigate crimes. Until a criminal act is committed, they do not have a duty to do anything.

Did their walking off prevent the player of the Minnesota Lynx from making their statement?

Redeye said...

It doesn't really matter who paid the police to be there, it was their JOB. In this case I'm sure they didn't get paid. So they bit off their nose to spite their face because the Minnesota Lynx mad their statement and showed them for who/what they really are. They the fools.

Brian said...

Did the walking off the job by 4 officers prevent the Minnesota Lynx players from making a statement?

Would these same officers be fools if they were store security for Hobby Lobby and walked off the job over Hobby Lobby's stance on abortion?

Redeye said...


~Chip :) said...

Brian, Follow the link to answer your own questions.

So who did they offend by exercising their right to free speech, Brian?

Brian said...

Chip, I went to the link. I read the story before I posted the first time. All it says is that they were shot WHILE filming a facebook video, nothing about them being shot FOR filming a facebook video. For all we know, they could have been shot because one of the men in the car hit on the wrong girl. For all we know, it could be completely random.

If I am wearing a green shirt and I am shot, was I shot because I was wearing a green shirt? Maybe, but until the facts come in, nobody can really say why I was shot.

It is the same about the shooting of the three guys shooting the facebook video in their car. They MIGHT have been shot because they were shooting a facebook video, but right now, it is just as likely that they were shot because of the color of their car or the shooter thought they were police. Right now, we don't know why they were shot. Until the shooter is found, we might never know.

~Chip :) said...

Brian, I notice that you began with violations of free speech, then I showed you a situation where 3 men were shot for exercising their free speech, and you palaver on nonsensically about not knowing why they were shot. That's your way of obscuring the point that they were shot while exercising their free speech.

Redeye said...

"That's your way of obscuring the point that they were shot while exercising their free speech. " Yep. Nice try but no cigar Brian.

Brian said...

Where does it say they were shot because they were recording a Facebook video. Where does it say they were shot because they were exercising their first amendment rights.

I could be exercising my first amendment rights and be shot while doing it, but it does not mean I shot because I was exercising my first amendment rights. I might have been, but I might have been shot for a completely different reason.

~Chip :) said...

Right, that's true, Brian, illogical obstinacy could endanger you, even if you assert you were only exercising your first amendment rights.

Black people have been killed for far less.

Redeye said...

Black people have been killed for being Black.

~Chip :) said...

Yes, RedEye, I didn't intend to marginalize or overlook that fact.